Monday, 8 July 2019

8 km road and trail race (Ahorn)

7 July Ahorn (Upper Austria)
7.95 km road and trail (woodland and fields)


44 min 47 sec
(1M70) (no others entered)

29 min 36 sec

42 Finishers

Conditions: warm and humid

Thursday, 27 June 2019

10 km Park Run Vienna

Double distance option of the ASKO Wald (woods) and Wiesen (meadows) 5 km Race.

23rd June 2019.  10 km  paths and trails
Prater Park, Wien

35 th  place (1st M 70) - 52 mins 41 secs

74 Finishers.

Overall winners time 38 mins 43 secs

Conditions: cool and showery, in fact 💦😬💦ideal

Thursday, 30 May 2019

Altausee Round the Lake Trail Race (short course)

30th May 2019 Salzkammergut, Austria
8.10 km,  150 +/- mtrs hd,


1 - H Wieser    28:09
117 -  G Williams.  2nd M70   44:49

259 ran incl. 7 M70s

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Pitchcroft Park Run #86

This was my first and (so far) my only Park Run.  It was thoroughly enjoyable and I ran with two members of my family who are habitual Saturday morning Park Runners.

Park Runs are free to enter and are to be found in almost all corners of Great Britain and throughout the United States where (like many good ideas) they originated.

They are not so well known in Europe and in fact do not exist (at the time of writing) here in Austria.

But there are Park Runs in Italy, Germany, France and several other European countries.

The place to start if you wish to join a Park Run or act as a Park Run volunteer is where you will be able to register and download a credit card size barcode which will serve as your number. The print page contains six copies of your bar code and unique number.

As soon as you are registered you can happily turn up with your barcode at any Saturday morning Park Run anywhere in the world (normal start time 9:00 am) and run in your chosen event.

That's all there is to it.

The 'Bard' powering up Pitchcroft's finishing straight!

Result of Pitchcroft Park Run #86

1.  A Tsolakis    -   16:47  (1M40)
177.   G Williams  27:11  (2M70)

382 Finishers