Tuesday, 1 January 2019

International Vienna SilvesterLauf 2018

Finisher Medal
In 2018 I took part in 5 races.

The 5.4 km Vienna Silvesterlauf (New Years Eve Race) has a new start/finish area which is outside the main University building.

I persuaded myself that the combination of a downhill first km and an uphill fourth km would favour my slow to get going running style.  

Having arrived by tram I sheltered from the chilly wind and gathered some warmth in one of the changing rooms at the university building.

I'd collected my race number the previous day and had my Pentek timing chip firmly fastened to my shoelace so there was nothing else left to do.

At the last possible moment I joined the thousands of runners lined up at the start.

Chance had placed me about ten rows back and in a wide position 'on the rails'.

The obvious tactic therefore was to take it easy around the first bend, to keep wide and to keep out of trouble. Faster runners would be on my heels!

The University Ringstrasse is a wide boulevard with tram lines right and left. The course is a clockwise circuit.

About one km into the race I found I was able to glide smoothly across to the inside track and settle to an even  5:25 min/km pace through to the end.  

As it turned out I should have waited around for a trophy for my 3rd place M70 but I'd left before my name was called.

Final Result:

1.   M Bauernfeind
574.  M Sassmann  1M70  25:50
1170.  G Williams  3M70  29:00   (28:59:10)

3831 Finishers incl.  29 M70s.

The 2018 score sheet looks like this:  1 2 1 U* 3

And now, inspired and refreshed,  I shall gallop into another year.

*unknown (not 'unseated rider')

Monday, 17 December 2018

Christmas Charity Race Update

There were two teams. I could run for the Father Christmas Team or the Christmas Angels. 

Who will be the fastest? 
I decided to run for the team with red hats, to keep my head warm. 

    A Final Briefing 
Medical team on stand-by. Hopefully not needed. 

Two minutes to the off  . . . 

 And the winner is . . . the Father Christmas team!

Before long it was dark and icy and time to head home

We left behind  €6,250 for the Sterntalerhof Children's Hospice
Big wheel keep on turning . . .

Sunday 16th December 2018
5 kms ASK├ľ Wien Prater (Temp: 0' C)

1 -  P Frey 15:48
2 -  G Gustenau  16:41
3 -  A Riat  16:47
15 -  A Bauer  (F)  20:28
315 . G Williams (M70)  28:21

938 Finishers

A memorable t-shirt slogan on the back of the man in front of me (4th photo down:

As long as humans think 
animals feel no pain 
animals will feel 
that humans can't think.

The map is not the territory. Today's colour was white.

Saturday, 8 December 2018

The Christmas Race - now in sight

The Ferris Wheel 

The Start and Finish area

The traffic free Prater Avenue

A countdown distance marker

The Lusthaus - it's a restaurant on a roundabout!

The tram station in the park - very useful

The Vienna Christmas Race takes place next weekend.  It's a 5 kms course.

Organizers are hoping for 2,000 entries. One of them will be mine.  €5 from every entry fee will go to the Sterntalerhof children's hospice.

Christkind and Father Christmas teams will compete in Vienna's famous Prater Park.

I shall wear my red bandana!  Or my red hat if it's cold.

 Earlier this week I went to the park and enjoyed a 7 km jog/walk/run session.

Today's training was a 9 km run.  Felt good.

The above photos of the race venue are labelled.  I guess I'm ready!

Friday, 16 November 2018

'Check My Tree Trail' Updates

This post is just a memory jogger for future reference.

It is a record of this year's top three Personal Best Times (Training -PBs) on the Neuwaldegg Check My Tree Trail which is a marked 7.6 kms / 280 mtrs +/- course up and down the hill known as The Hameau in the Vienna Woods.

48:33 - 14th April

48:55 - 16th November

49:49 -  5th  January