Tuesday, 16 January 2018

THE M70 YEAR: 2018

Here I am 'in action' on one of my regular training routes.  My thanks to the mystery photographer - whom I seem to remember running past me in the other direction.

I was greeted by many of the Rundumadum Runners Club''' who were enjoying a Winter Training Run. Perhaps the photographer thought I was one of them.  In any event, I'm pleased with the result!

The trails are very popular with all categories of runners and walkers. When I first started training here 20 years ago I'd be be lucky to meet two or three runners, and often there were none.

In the woods the recently way-marked Check-My-Tree Trail is thankfully proving to be a great success.  I've yet to train on it without meeting other runners.

As I'm newly in the M70 category I've added a touch of antique tint to my photograph! I hope I'll be forgiven for that.

''' The Rundumadum Ultra Runners Club organize the annual ultra-marathon around the Vienna boundary. It's a 132 km epic. On their website recently I discovered they'd introduced a new shorter distance into the programme - it's a mere 42 kms!

Maybe I'm up for that one. We'll shall see how the training goes.

Toi! Toi! Toi! 

and on we go 

running through 

the Winter Snow


the brand 

New Year! 

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Mud, glorious mud!

I would have liked to have witnessed the start of the 12 km event, referred to as 'Trail 1' in the post below, but I was an hour late arriving.

Not to worry.

I'd run and catch them up. That was the dream part.

Today's run would be 18 kms.  A long run for me.

It was a cold grey morning but a light coating of snow brightened the forest, except for the black ribbon - the muddy trail.

There was an abundance of gloop - that is to say semi-liquid mud! Enough for the connoisseur!

The old Saucony City-Trail shoes I'd dug out of hibernation for the occasion handled the mud, the inclines and the stony sections surprisingly well.

I saw nobody running at breakneck speed. My personal time is recorded in the post below for training purposes.

My run included, as I've already mentioned, 6 kms of additional trail (this part was not timed).

The many runners who greeted me during my sojourn in the forest were clearly there to enjoy the experience.

A beautiful way to pass a couple of hours!

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Two new trails

These particular Vienna Woods trails aren't really new to me as I train on them most weekends, but what is new to me is that I now know the technical details of two more of my off-road training circuits.

Vienna's 'Rundumadum' ultra runners have, as I discovered today, a website with 'official' distances and height differences for the 'out and back' trails.

Trail 1:  12 km. 350 m +|- hd.         1:23:38     13/1/18  (gloop!)
Trail 2:   24 km.  800 m +|- hd.

And by default (starting and finishing at end of Trail 1):

A Bonus Trail:  12 km.  450m +/- hd. 

The runners are holding 'non-competitiva' runs over the trails at the weekend, basically showing potential Rundumadumers the correct paths to follow through the woody maze. Essential knowledge for  when they undertake the 130 km challenge - a circumnavigation of the city later in the year. 

Hopefully I'll be able to get into the woods this weekend and take a look at what's going on. I was planning to enter a 7km race in the city on Sunday morning but this Saturday outing is more up my street. We just need some good weather. And a drying out of the mud! 

Sunday, 7 January 2018

The "1/4 Marathon Trail" (2018)

Session is 10.5 kms with 350 meters of ascent.

2017 training run: 

23rd Dec  66:01 / cool and windy

2018 training runs:

3rd Jan   67:48  /  windy and wet

7th Jan   66:55  /  cool and overcast

Friday, 5 January 2018

The "Check My Tree Trail" (2018)

The "Check My Tree Trail" is, as regular readers will know,  a signposted accurately measured running/jogging/walking trail beginning and ending in Vienna's Neuwaldegg district near to the tram 43 terminus. 

As the name suggests the trail is in a woods. In this case the Vienna Woods.

The trail follows the Schwarzenberg Allee goes over Marswiese through Schwarzenberg Park and climbs to the summit of the hill known as Hameau before returning to Schwarzenberg Park and thence back to the start-and-finish point.  

The trail is 7.6 kms in length and incorporates a variety of terrain, mainly park and forestry paths, and 280 mtrs (918 ft) of ascent.

Today the higher parts of the trail were muddy and in parts quite wet and slippery.

My 'Saucony Triumph 10' running shoes were, as ever,  up to the task.  

Today's recorded time was 49:49:01.

A new record!  i.e. pb :-)

11th Jan 2018:  52:12:20  (mud again!)