Wednesday, 14 March 2018


The day before yesterday was the day of my annual visit to my chiropodist.

Yesterday was the day to test my 'new feet'.  

Oh, the luxury!  I was running on feathers!

All I have to do now is regain some fitness after missing too much training during this unusually long winter.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

1/4 Marathon Training

Today's 1/4 Mara run is on 7th Jan page.

Good run with new PB for the course. Nice weather for it!

Decided not to enter the local race. Watched winter olympics!

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Live streaming Tomorrow

Just had an email to say will be livestreaming the Naples Half Marathon from 10:00 CET on Sunday 4th February.  What a fantastic location. Should make for great viewing!

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Hill Work

My early season training comprises 3 or 4 sessions weekly:

Day 1 - 1/4 Mara / 10.5 km park trail

Day 3  -  7.6 km woodland trail

Day  5 -  Recovery run or jog

The 4th weekly session which I'm now inserting into the programme is an Uphill session.

I began today with 3 runs up my local hill. The course is marked by a rock at the bottom and a gate in a fence at the top. Each run is followed by a gentle run back to the starting point. The session requires approximately 50 mins.

Times on the clock -

 24th January :   7:59   8:05   7:39
 26th January :   7:41   7:47   7:09
  5th February:   7:30   7:18   7:08

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

THE M70 YEAR: 2018

Here I am 'in action' on one of my regular training routes.  My thanks to the mystery photographer - whom I seem to remember running past me in the other direction.

I was greeted by many of the Rundumadum Runners Club''' who were enjoying a Winter Training Run. Perhaps the photographer thought I was one of them.  In any event, I'm pleased with the result!

The trails are very popular with all categories of runners and walkers. When I first started training here 20 years ago I'd be be lucky to meet two or three runners, and often there were none.

In the woods the recently way-marked Check-My-Tree Trail is thankfully proving to be a great success.  I've yet to train on it without meeting other runners.

As I'm newly in the M70 category I've added a touch of antique tint to my photograph! I hope I'll be forgiven for that.

''' The Rundumadum Ultra Runners Club organize the annual ultra-marathon around the Vienna boundary. It's a 132 km epic. On their website recently I discovered they'd introduced a new shorter distance into the programme - it's a mere 42 kms!

Maybe I'm up for that one. We'll shall see how the training goes.

Toi! Toi! Toi! 

and on we go 

running through 

the Winter Snow


the brand 

New Year!