Friday, 22 June 2018

Gaflenz to Heiligestein Race

The Gaflenz to Heiligestein race is actually two races starting in Gaflenz at the same time. One is for mountain bikers and the other for runners. The 8 km course is on a surfaced road which rises some 350 meters to the hilltop where stands an old church on a rocky outcrop in the distance. This is the Heiligestein, or Holy Stone.

There were 41 finishers in the runners race. The winner of this 19th running of the event was a young woman in the F30 age group.

Three runners from Clayton Harriers took part, myself included, and we all gained podium places.

After the award ceremony in which winners were presented appropriately with trophies made from natural stone and local cedar there was plenty of entertainment, food, and much good humour to be enjoyed in the large beer tent.

Gaflenz 16th June 2018  8km / 350 mtrs +

1. V Shenk  F30  35:15
2.  B Schadauer  M40  35:47
29. J Sharples  M60  49:10
36.  G Williams  M70  56:41
37.  J Ashworth  F50  56:57

41 Finishers.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Race Debut in Cat. M70 - 2nd Place.

For the record:

Pfandl Dam Race  7.5 km  Road/Trail
 21st May 2018
Weather: Hot/Dry.
Prizes for 1,2 and 3 in each category:
Made for the event - special ceramic bowls
in various sizes signed  on base by the artist.

1. A Englebrecht.    24:12
125.  F Lettner.        39:04.  1M70
146.  G Williams.    42:49   2M70
175.  Finishers
(Incl. 51 Women).

Quality field, with several runners entered for top events
including UTMB

Course Records:
M-  Kagai Mungai  21:17 (2011)
L -  Olga Nevkapsa 25:52 (2006)

Thursday, 10 May 2018

A Meander from Grinzing (Vienna Woods)

Keeping the long runs going!

Carrying the camera and stopping to take photos prevents the planned gentle training session from turning into a race against oneself

On the trails there's often a temptation to stride out, which should be resisted, except when doing fartlek or planned speed-training.

Lovely weather, lovely views, and less than a dozen people encountered in the space of 2hrs 15mins.

A perfect session.

Monday, 7 May 2018

A 60 km+ week

Last week was a good training week in the Salzkammergut.

It went something like this:

Sun: 15 kms (Steeg) (train one way)
Tue: 12 kms (Salzbach) (bus one way)
Thu: 18 kms (Ebensee) (train one way)
Sat:  15 kms (Strobl) (bus one way)

Some photos along the way (from the run to Steeg) include the following:

A fine place to start: The Congress Hall in Bad Ischl Park

Railway Bridge over the River Traun

Footbridge over River Traun

Well Preserved: A Narrow Gauge Railway Bridge

19th Cent.  Footbridge over the River Traun

 A Revolvable Map alongside the Trail

Lake Halstatt (from Steeg)

My transport arrives!

My original plan was to enter the Halstatt Half Marathon. The course wends its way around the shoreline of the lake in the photo. I'd guess it's about 40/60 trail/road.

Unfortunately, as I thought at the time,  there were no entries available on the day. Entries were available only between 3pm-7pm on the day before the event i.e. Saturday.

I didn't want to go to Halstatt twice, and online entries had closed long ago.

So I didn't enter.

And I have to say, after my wonderful training week in beautiful scenery and perfect weather, I'm very glad I didn't.

An additional bonus is that I've even saved myself a walloping €40 in entry fees. I have my own chip so I don't include €3 chip rental in this calculation.

If I'd entered months ago I'd have got in for a mere €28.

Race entry fees are rising everywhere I look. I can remember entering races for a pound or two. I used organize races and the usual charge for one of my events was in that price bracket.  Mind you, you could buy a pair of Ron Hill Running Shoes "without bells, bangles and baubles" almost for song in those days.

Today's 'Check My Tree Trail Training Run' time was 48:56 (My PB is 48:33).

Thursday, 26 April 2018

A Run in Tulln

The town of Tulln, famous for its annual garden show, is situated on the River Danube to the west of Vienna. It's a popular place for a day out or a weekend break.  

The opportunity to lace up my running shoes and have a little trot along a couple of riverside paths was a temptation I could not resist. 

Triangular course (approx 4 kms per lap)

The Niebelungen Monument by Russian artist Michail Nogin

Hundertwasser's houseboat Regentag

Nogin's Owl and the Danube Cycleway 

Road Bridge over the Danube (see above map)

The Greater Tulln River

The Waterpark - An Eldorado for Walking and Cycling

Back at the Regentag - (Rainy Day)

My Energy Bar!