Friday, 10 August 2018

A Run to the Mitterteich

In the Waldviertel (Wald means woods) in the north of Austria near the border with the Czech Republic there is an area famous for its lakes and ponds and for its fish, notably carp.

I was in the area to attend a musical event.

The temptation of the gentle trails which meander through the ponds and lakes with the reward of a relaxing swim to cool off was irresistible.

My run was limited to an 1 hr 20 mins  due to the warm weather (temperatures in the 30s).

The lake where I finished the run and had my swim is known as the Mitterteich (the middle pond).

Another scenic 'challenge' completed! 

Thursday, 26 July 2018

A Run to the Koppenwinkel

After Obertraun Railway Station my path crosses River Traun

At Dachstein Cable Car I take a signed path to Koppenwinkel

Here it is. A gentle run through lovely green scenery 

A mountain stream. The source is in the trees.

Behind these trees lies the Koppental. It's possible to take a path
through the gorge and return by train from Bad Aussee Station

If the Koppental railway line is closed for maintenance
there's an alternative return route to Obertraun Station. 

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

The Ten Minute Runs

New in the training programme are the ten minute runs.

Walk/jog 10 minutes as warm up.
Run 4 laps of a parkland circuit at 80% effort aiming to complete each lap in 2 min 30 secs.  On each lap at the halfway point there is a short sharp hill to run up.  Today's time 10 mins 13 secs.
Jog/walk 10 minutes to cool down.

Here are the 'trophies' from the last two races. In the top picture the 1st M70 trophy is the one on the left. The others (l. to r.) 2nd F50 and 1st M60 were won by my team colleagues.  The locally hand made ceramic bowl in the bottom photo was awarded for my 2nd M70 placing.

Trophies like these mean a a great deal to the local people who make them and give them freely and those runners who are lucky enough to win them.

I've lost count of how many old t-shirts I've taken to the charity shop bins. At least they are useful for somebody.

But what to do with dozens of shiny metal cups?  Now there's a challenge!

Friday, 22 June 2018

Gaflenz to Heiligestein Race

The Gaflenz to Heiligestein race is actually two races starting in Gaflenz at the same time. One is for mountain bikers and the other for runners. The 8 km course is on a surfaced road which rises some 350 meters to the hilltop where stands an old church on a rocky outcrop in the distance. This is the Heiligestein, or Holy Stone.

There were 41 finishers in the runners race. The winner of this 19th running of the event was a young woman in the F30 age group.

Three runners from Clayton Harriers took part, myself included, and we all gained podium places.

After the award ceremony in which winners were presented appropriately with trophies made from natural stone and local cedar there was plenty of entertainment, food, and much good humour to be enjoyed in the large beer tent.

Gaflenz 16th June 2018  8km / 350 mtrs +

1. V Shenk  F30  35:15
2.  B Schadauer  M40  35:47
29. J Sharples  1M60  49:10
36.  G Williams  1M70  56:41
37.  J Ashworth  2F50  56:57

41 Finishers.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Race Debut in Cat. M70 - 2nd Place.

For the record:

Pfandl Dam Race  7.5 km  Road/Trail
 21st May 2018
Weather: Hot/Dry.
Prizes for 1,2 and 3 in each category:
Made for the event - special ceramic bowls
in various sizes signed  on base by the artist.

1. A Englebrecht.    24:12
125.  F Lettner.        39:04.  1M70
146.  G Williams.    42:49   2M70
175.  Finishers
(Incl. 51 Women).

Quality field, with several runners entered for top events
including UTMB

Course Records:
M-  Kagai Mungai  21:17 (2011)
L -  Olga Nevkapsa 25:52 (2006)