Thursday, 9 February 2017

A Winter Training Spree!

Enter Here!


beyond black water

 to a picnic place

with a swing

and man on a ski machine!

A Bridge too far?

Beyond the frozen pond then . . . 

Monday, 30 January 2017

Another Running Year Dawns

Three Italians, two Austrians and one Welshman fuelled with modest amounts of wine and beer, and greater portions of salad and pasta took part in the trilingual run known as the - Winter night run on snow! - Corsa in notturna sulla neve! - Winter nachtlauf auf schnee! - in the Italian Dolomites at the weekend.

I'm not sure of the distances involved but I heard it mentioned that the courses were over 10.1 kms and 7.5kms. The Italians opted for the longer distance, and the rest of us for the shorter distance.

The choice of the shorter race by the non-Italian runners in our group was due to the complicated race administration procedure and the medical certificate requirement.

In Italy (for overseas runners) it is easier to enter shorter races in the category non-competitiva.

This was my first 'proper' run of 2017.

I think I finished somewhere in midfield in a time of 45 minutes.

Parts of the trail through the woods were illuminated by oil lamps placed in the snow and provided runners with a magical, almost surreal experience.

At the finish line someone called out my name and someone else gave me a cup of tea and a doughnut.

The temperature was about -6 C and over the mountains Venus hovered brightly in the crystal clear night.

A wonderful start to another year of off-road running.


Sunday, 13 November 2016

Frosty Trail in Vienna Woods

This morning the thermometer hovered around freezing point. But frosty mornings on the trails hereabouts are a special experience. The crunch–––crunch–––crunch of frozen snow under running feet is hypnotic. Throw in an occasional zephyr and a sudden fall of ice and snow from a tunnel of overhead branches and you feel there's a ghost in the treetops. 

And then the sun peeped through. And I grabbed my camera and went for it - my first training run in wintry conditions this back end of the year. 

It was energizing and rewarding. And even though I 'm not a runner who takes music on the run I did hear the refrain Happy days are here again - or something like it - from somewhere in my head as I began my climb to the summit stone on the pass over the Exelberg hill.  

Here's the trail:  

Mud on your studs! 

And up the hill we go . . .

. . . into the winter wonderland

. . . to the summit stone!


Copper beech. Descending.

A stream of thoughts . . .

. . . and reflections.

The End

Sunday, 2 October 2016

GIS Berglauf

In this race I was 4th of 4 in my age category. A few days later I came down with a bad cold or allergy from which I'm slowly recovering.

More on the race in due course.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Postalm Berglauf

The Postalm Berglauf is a new event in the Austrian Alps. The second annual running took place on Saturday 3rd September 2016. The start was at the convenient hour of 9:30 am from the lakeside at
Strobl on Wolfgangsee.

The weather was fine and the course of 13.1 kms with 820 mtrs ascent and a 190 mtrs descent to finish off was well marked and suitably marshaled.

I could have made a more suitable shoe choice being a heavier runner, 76kgs, as my clomping technique on the steeper stony sections on the climb could have benefited from footwear with a little more cushioning and grip than my painful race rockets. I shall try and remember this simple fact if I elect do this attractive and enjoyable race again.

There were, as far as we the M65s could make out only 3 of us in the field. Unfortunately the official senior category jumps from M60 to M70. Nevertheless we were content to work out our own unofficial category placings.

An hour or two after the race I had the privilege and pleasure to chat to a delightful personality. He was the 83 year old mountain runner Hermann Eder. He was wearing a faded race t-shirt from an international race of long ago. He told me was looking forward to turning 85 and stepping up to yet another age caregory.  When the time came for us to go our separate ways he slipped into the drivers seat of his 53 year old 3-cylinder sports car and with a friendly wave motored off to his next destination.

Strobl to Postalm Berglauf
3rd Sepember 2016

1. A Englbrecht  TSL Bad Goisern. 1:10:58
84. G Williams  Clayton Harriers 2M65. 2:01:39

91 finishers.