Friday, 16 November 2018

'Check My Tree Trail' Updates

This post is just a memory jogger for future reference.

It is a record of this year's top three Personal Best Times (Training -PBs) on the Neuwaldegg Check My Tree Trail which is a marked 7.6 kms / 280 mtrs +/- course up and down the hill known as The Hameau in the Vienna Woods.

48:33 - 14th April

48:55 - 16th November

49:49 -  5th  January

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Updated - Baden (Vienna) 10km

Up for the challenge!
Saturday's race, my third of the year, was over 10 laps on the grit and sand of the 125 year old Baden pony trotting arena.

And they're off!

Other  races on Saturday included a 5 km race and a one mile race. There were several races over shorter distances for children of all ages.

Conditions were cool and dry with blustery winds.

Baden 6.22 mile race (10km) sand
20th October 2018

1.  B Steiner.  OMV Fit Club.  40:07
12  I  Dlauhy.   Tri Runners Baden  1F.  48:22
23.  G Williams.  Clayton Harriers   1M70.  58:30

31 finishers
  1 dnf

I'm always pleased if I can finish within +50% of the winner's time (as happened this time).

Someone's old running shoe!
Today's trophy (my M70 rivals opted for the one mile event) was a golden painted horseshoe on a wooden plinth. I wondered if it once graced the hoof of Elton John, not the singer but a horse that won on this track!

Elton John driven to victory by Adi Übleis (70)

The winning runner in the M70s in the one mile race also received a golden horseshoe.

He ran the whole way in his bare feet - so maybe it'll come in useful!

Sunday, 14 October 2018

An Autumn Run on the WWWWW near Laaben

Autumn is in the Vienna Woods so what could be better than  20 km  out-and-back course with 475 mtrs (1558 ft) +/- for a solid training run!  The yellow line shows my route to a convenient summit and incorporated trail 622 and trail 404 (Vienna Woods Long Distance Path otherwise known as  Wienerwaldweitwanderweg or WWWWW).

Naturally I took my camera with me.

In the Vienna Woods a map is essential

An afternoon run in autumn sunshine

Reflections in a pond

Klamm means Ravine, Gorge or Canyon

Roadside gravel verges are ideal for trail runners!

A bench made for one!

The path disappearing into the woods

Now running through the trees

Sign for the End of Path 622

Along the WWWWW

Looking back over my route 

On the Durlaswaldhöhe summit at 774mtrs.

After appreciating the view to the west from the top of the hill I retraced my steps to my starting point near Wöllersdorf (Laaben). Time taken 2 hrs 15 mins.

Friday, 12 October 2018

On Venice Lido

A few days in Italy recently included a couple of jogging sessions on the sands of the Venice Lido. 

After the sand and surf I was pleased to get back to one of my regular training haunts the dog-free Lainzer Tiergarten Park where I completed a 26 kms (appx 16 miles) training run (route shown in black marker) using the run-walk-run method. 

I was in no hurry and settled for the following: 10 minutes running, 5 minutes walking, 10 minutes running. Next time I go I shall do try hilly run  from point 'A' (altitude 214 mtrs / 702 ft) ) to the summit (508 mtrs / 1666 ft) and back, taking in some smaller hills along the way.   

The weather continues warm and settled, although the early mornings are rapidly becoming cooler.

Friday, 21 September 2018

The Map is not the Territory

Weather experts are forecasting rain and stormy weather for the weekend, therefore I decided to make the most of today's favourable conditions (warm and sunny) and take myself for a 'stroll in the park', the park in this case being the Lainzer Tiergarten.

The strategy was to use a modified run-walk-run method: I'd run for 15 minutes and then walk for 5 minutes, and I'd repeat these 20 minute blocks of running and walking for as long as it takes, which when I arrived back at my starting point was 3 hrs and 45 mins.

'The map is not the territory' (Paulo Coelho I think)  but the distance covered, as near as I could work it out with a 'map' and 'a piece of string'  was 33 kms (20.5 miles) with a guesstimated total +/- of 400 meters (1,300 ft).

The paths are a maze of forest-trails (orange)  and traffic-free service roads (red). The roads often have a convenient gravel path for running on at the side.

I purchased a wedge of chocolate-and-cherry cake at an eatery near the 18km point, but otherwise I survived the increasing heat by replenishing the water in my bottle at intervals. There are cold water taps provided by the park authorities along the way.

No wild boars were to be seen today! Perhaps they were sensibly resting themselves in the shady woods.