Saturday, 15 November 2008

More on Hungary/Slovakia border problems

The current (13th November 2008) edition of the weekly German language Czech newspaper Prager Zeitung carries the following short report of the recent troubles on the Slovakia-Hungary border under the page 2 headline 'Border blockade':
Last Monday right-wing extremists blockaded the Slovakia-Hungary border at several crossing-points. This deployment was a protest against the presence of Slovakian police at the football match between Dunajska Streda* and Slovan Bratislava* at the beginning of November, when 11 people were injured and 30 arrested. The Slovakian government stand behind the action of the police. Premier Robert Fico claims that Hungarian fans entered Slovakia in order to provoke a conflict with the police. Budapest called for the Slovakian authorities to investigate the adequacy of the police presence.

*Both towns are situated in Slovakia. Dunajska Streda has a large Hungarian population.

On the same page of the Prager Zeitung under the headline 'Remembering' is the following:
In Slovakia, last Monday, on its 70th anniversary, the Reichsprogromnacht was remembered. In the east of Slovakia in Kosice 40 survivors of the Holocaust were welcomed by the mayor Frantisek Knapik. From the area of Kosice more than 13,000 Jews were deported to various concentration camps. Only 400 of them survived.

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