Thursday, 12 February 2009

The birth of two prophets, or whatever you like to call them

The world is full people who like to mark the birthdays of prophets. Today in 1809 two modern prophets entered the world. Their names were Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln. It's curious that these two far-sighted prophets should arrive on this planet on the same day. If we are to believe that prophets are sent to earth to guide us then the date 12th February 1809 must make us stop and consider our situation vis-a-vis prophets.
I am not speaking of prophets here in the biblical sense. That is another matter altogether. There are those in high places who are paid a lot of money to delve into religious matters. What I am speaking about here is a prophet in the general meaning of the word. As Webster's has it there are 5 definitions of the word prophet. I am speaking about definition number 2: One who fortells the future; especially an inspired predictor.
What message can we take from the curious fact that these two men, who changed the world for the better, who brought us all a few giant steps forward in our ways of thinking, arrived on the planet on the exact same day 200 years ago? That is the question.
Today, on the 200th anniversary of the births of these modern prophets, we might do ourselves a bit of good if we took a few minutes to ponder on this strange and mysterious event. We may in the end write the whole thing off as mere coincidence. And that it may be. On the other hand it may not be. Throughout history prophets have arrived when the time is ripe; Copernicus, Galileo and others. But for two to arrive on the exact same day, that is unique. That is special. Consider the facts and decide for yourself.


Coastcard said...

I am trying to find your seal picture (as mentioned on Weaver's blog). Any help gratefully received. Thank you.

Poet in Residence said...

Coastcard, The picture is or was the Seal Mountains! It's not a picture of a seal. The pictures change automatically every day or two. Seal Mountains is/was the top one. If there's temporarily no picture try clicking on the text in the small box sometimes. That sometimes works. At the moment other two pictures are satellites around the earth and a wonderful zebra.
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Poet in Residence said...

Have now retrieved the image.