Wednesday, 27 May 2009

NASA Image of the Day

The NASA Image of the Day for today shows the Space Shuttle now landed at Edwards Air Force Base following the mission to upgrade the far-seeing Hubble telescope. The telescope has already provided us with amazing pictures from the depths of the universe. Regular visitors to this blog will have seen many. There are two new pictures to be seen almost every day. These pictures are Bard on the Run's book of holies. They are beyond biblical. Beyond anything that has gone before. One recent picture showed an 8.2 red-shift explosion taking place only 600 million years after the so-called Big Bang. This is almost the very beginning that we are looking at. We are on the doorstep of the Creator. She is doubtless pleased with our progress - or at least with the progress of some of us. Where I write these words the newspapers are full of stories of the latest religious blood-letting, the story of the latest murdered guru shot in the head as he preached. On the one hand the human race races boldly forwards - on the other hand it is stuck in the primitive prejudiced behaviour patterns of the past. A mystery, if ever there was one.