Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Inspired by a younger man

I am following the sky-running career of the young running sensation (young to me at my white haired age of 60+) Kilian Jornet on the Salomon and Mud, Sweat and Tears websites with great interest and fascination and I have to confess that I am truly inspired. It's not often that one's heroes are two generations younger than one's self but in this case it is so. Follow him too, and see why! He, like anothet running hero of mine New Zealand's world champion Jonathan Wyatt, is unassuming, courageous, talented, communicative, and best of all is a brilliant mountain runner.
Kilian's own blog (see LINKS) links to Salomon. There you can watch his amazing record breaking run across Corsica.
Good luck Kilian Jornet! You are an inspiration to us all; and especially to this enthusiastic, not very talented, lover of mountain scenery and forest trails.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Hi Poet/Bard - am missing you on blogs but am wondering how I can get hold of your e mail address. a friend of a friend has sent me the most amazing slide show from Hubble (he knows someone who works in the space agency) - the photographs are stunning and after that nebula you had on your blog a while ago I feel sure you would love to see them. Is there any way we can exchange e mail addresses without endangering out privacy - I would so love to send them to you.

Poet in Residence said...

Weaver, I will leave the email address in some out of the way place on your blog where you can pick it up, ciao, Gwilym