Thursday, 27 August 2009


WADA is the World Anti-Doping Agency, the only organization currently dedicated to worldwide eradication of doping in sport. The WADA link in the sidebar will take you to a 2-minute video about the important and essential work of WADA. Why should the cheats have it all their own way; a token 2-year ban and they bounce back with broad guiltless smiles all over their faces. Behold the conquering hero returns! And even in the world's doping laboratories there are shady characters at work who will mix-up or tamper with the samples for a financial or other consideration. WADA's motto is:
"Respect, Dedication, Character, Solidarity, Excellence, Courage and Play True!"

What better way is there? If you must cheat go and play cards!

Saturday, 22 August 2009

So what are your library books, then?

A few days away from running for it doubtless pays (aged 60+) to give one's weary legs a short respite after a couple of hard mountain races.

I used the first rest day to nip down to the library and get a new stock of books. The following day I met a friend and over a coffee I happened to mention my library visit. "So what are your library books, then?" was the natural response. It was oh so sad. I struggled to remember the titles and authors of just 3 of the books...the rest were well beyond my recall.

Obviously almost all my energy is going into my legs and insufficient is being left for the brain. So what books did I borrow? Having now emptied the rucksack and examined the contents I can now refresh my memory and at the same time make a list.-

In no particular order, they are:

The Beggar - Naguib Mahfouz°
Paul Celan Selections - Pierre Joris°
What am I Doing Here - Bruce Chatwin
Poems & Prose - Georg Trakl
House of Splendid Isolation - Edna O'Brien°
A Person Made of Porcelain and Other Stories - Heimito von Doderer

°these are the titles I remembered -
apologies to Chatwin, Trakl and Doderer!

Monday, 17 August 2009

Bard on the Run's run on p3tv

To tell the truth I don't know if I actually feature in the 2-minute TV clip of the Hinteralm 'Brutal' Race but in any case it should be interesting viewing for we climbed up a ladder at the side of a waterfall in the course of of our 7.5km run with 980mtrs+ ascent. The reward: exhilerating exercise, wonderful scenery, a bowl of soup and a beer, a small cup to take home (3rd M60 in 62:16). The winner's time 44:05. Other performances of day - the two 75 year olds who finished the course!!!

The TV 'sport' item (with approx 2 minutes of mountain running) may be viewed for a few days at (go there and click on 'sport' and then the icon showing a mountain runner) from Wednesday 19th Aug 2009.

When the race is no longer on the front sport page entering the following link may bring it up: