Saturday, 22 August 2009

So what are your library books, then?

A few days away from running for it doubtless pays (aged 60+) to give one's weary legs a short respite after a couple of hard mountain races.

I used the first rest day to nip down to the library and get a new stock of books. The following day I met a friend and over a coffee I happened to mention my library visit. "So what are your library books, then?" was the natural response. It was oh so sad. I struggled to remember the titles and authors of just 3 of the books...the rest were well beyond my recall.

Obviously almost all my energy is going into my legs and insufficient is being left for the brain. So what books did I borrow? Having now emptied the rucksack and examined the contents I can now refresh my memory and at the same time make a list.-

In no particular order, they are:

The Beggar - Naguib Mahfouz°
Paul Celan Selections - Pierre Joris°
What am I Doing Here - Bruce Chatwin
Poems & Prose - Georg Trakl
House of Splendid Isolation - Edna O'Brien°
A Person Made of Porcelain and Other Stories - Heimito von Doderer

°these are the titles I remembered -
apologies to Chatwin, Trakl and Doderer!


Dominic Rivron said...

I've not been to a library for yonks (I'm a sucker for Oxfam bookshops though). It looks like yours is a lot more interesting that the one round here (unless it has changed a lot since I last went in).

In the circumstances, I hope its not on top of too-steep a hill!

Poet in Residence said...

Me too, I'm a sucker for 2nd hand books etc. More than once I've donated books for a fundraising event and then found myself buying back my own books!
Yesterday I did a half-marathon - it was 5-and-a-bit laps around a nearby reservoir. Came 31st from 43 in 1:47:33 (race winner 1:19:32) and got a blue and silver cup for being M60 winner - not difficult as I was the ONLY M60taking part - my would-be opponent said he couldn't run as he'd injured his back geting out of bed!

Poet in Residence said...

Just starting on the Edna O'Brien. Tried but I couldn't handle the Mahfouz , the style tied my brain in reef-knots , packed it in after 30 pp.