Friday, 4 September 2009

Ben Nevis Hill Race

The Ben Nevis Hill Race will take place tomorrow 5th September. A local band complete with bagpipes will give a musical salute to the 500 or so runners dashing away from the starting field in Fort William and out along the lane to the fell gate and to the rough track leading to the summit of Britain's highest mountain, Ben Nevis.
Having arrived at the top the runners will visit the checkpoint, have their numbers recorded, then turn around and dash all the way back down the mountainside and back along the lane to the field from whence they started.

Some 35 runners from Clayton Harriers will be amongst the particpants and, like all the other runners, they will be seen and warmly applauded by the spectators lining the track on the lower slopes.
"It matters no who wins!" or indeed is last, for it is as the old saying goes the taking part that counts.
The only opponent is the big bulky mountain and her blustery weather. Treat her with due respect. Keep a weather eye on the skies. Carry the map, the whistle, the compass, the wind/waterproof gear and some emergency rations.

Good luck to all who compete in this wonderful traditional race run in the spirit of fair and friendly competition. I'm only sorry I can't be there.


Dominic Rivron said...

Neither can I - and it would be a good one to do!

Poet in Residence said...

I fear that the weather forecast is not the best - Fort William 13°c with light rain - but it could be a lot worse! When I did it we set off in glorious sunshine - the top was in light clag - so no view - but great spectator support on the lower slopes.
Afterwards we went to Mallaig and had the best fish n chips and then took the post boat to the so-called remotest pub in Britain. Lovely little holiday!
The MST website has a report with link to the Ben website which lists all the runners taking part. You can check there if there are any entered from your local club.

Dominic Rivron said...

Food always tastes better after a hard run, I think. I remember eating a tomato once after a race and it tasted almost painfully sweet.

The best fish and chips I've ever had were in Ulverston.