Monday, 30 November 2009

The return of Merlin

Stonehenge, an ancient circle [image: courtesy National Geographic]

Large Hadron Collider, a modern circle [image: courtesy Wiki-Commons]

Dr. Lyn Evans, known to the Welsh as Evans the Atom, may well be a new Merlin awakened. The original Merlin, the Welsh wizard known at King Arthur's Court, hailed from Carmarthen. Lyn Evans, sometimes referred to as the destroyer of the world, was born just 50 miles away in the small town of Aberdare.

The original Merlin was fooled by the seductive charms of the beautiful temptress Fay Morgan (later to become the Fata Morgana of illusion). As a result Merlin now sleeps in a mysterious crystal cave. The location of his undiscovered resting place might well lie in a mountain range known as the Preseli Hills situated on the West Coast of Wales. The reason I make this bold claim is because it is in these hills that the magical crystal stones, commonly known as the blue stones, which make up the important inner-circle of Stonehenge (Wiltshire) are found.

The blue stones, and I have one, are blue-grey in colour and have white crystals scattered through them like currants in a cake. It follows that Merlin would not hesitate choose the Preseli Hills for his eternal sleep. Hence the legend of a magical crystal cave. Merlin would have walked over these hills many times, for they are not far from Carmarthen, and he would have seen the quarries which even today have the appearance of work only temporarily stopped. Standing there I half-expected a band of Stonehenge quarrymen to appear out of the swirling mists at any moment.

And now 5,000 years after the Preseli quarries were mined a new magician has appeared on the scene. Lyn Evans recently restarted his brainchild the Large Hadron Collider and we now await its amazing discoveries. Quantum particles will be fired into each other at almost the speed of light and colliding they will briefly produce temperatures hotter than the centre of the sun. "There might even be 10 dimensions in there," said one quantum physicist.

Evans has spent the last 40 years of his life designing and building his giant magic wand and one more year getting it to work. And now he has switched it on.

Those early observers of the stars, the ancient Stonehenge and Preseli people, would be extremely proud of this modern day magician who carries on the fine tradition of opening our eyes and minds to the workings of the amazing universe in which we live and have our beings.


Dominic Rivron said...

I've just read a Kurt Vonnegut book in which one of the characters writes a paper suggesting that the building of Stonehenge was possible because it was built during an era of low gravity!

The Weaver of Grass said...

I like the way you have tied these two events together Poet - a fascinating idea. In the past when we used to holiday a lot in Cardigan we used to start out early from Wolverhampton, where we lived then, and stop for breakfast in the Preseli hills - and to think I never even gave Merlin a thought. They are such lovely hills, I wouldn't mind an eternal sleep somewhere amongst them.

JamesonLewis3rd said...

An incognito Merlin helped build the pyramids. Not many people know that.

Poet in Residence said...

Dominic, I've just renewed my FRA membership after quite a long lapse. It's only 12 quid and you get a 400 race fixture list and 3 glossy mags a year with loads of brilliant fell-running photos. It'd pay you to join, if you're not already in.
ps - What's the Vonnegut book? I've seen photos of dinosaurs helping to lift big stones. Seriously though, could there be a Stonehenge connection to the 'Temple of the Giants' in Gozo (nr. Malta)? I ask as there are ancient cup-and-saucer rings over there which are similar to those found in parts of Britain and Ireland.

Poet in Residence said...

Cardigan? My goodness, where's that? It sounds very Earl of. Yes the Preseli Hills are wonderful. Not hard to walk to the tops either. Some people reckon that the ancestors of Elvis Presley came from round there. I could believe it. He has a bit of a Welsh stamp to him.

Poet in Residence said...

Hi J Lewis III, so what's all this about the pyramids? I presume you mean the ones in Egypt.
Who was this little known Taff? I really haven't heard this one. I'd love a few more details.
We have some Egyptian rooms in the KHM over here in Vienna. I might be able to unearth something.