Thursday, 21 January 2010

Pictures from an exhibition

The notion of 1989° as being the end of an era and the start of something new and unified - at least seen through European and American eyes - results in countless pages of notes and scribble, and shoe-boxes of postcard-size photos; part of the the documentary materials of history.

After the fall of the Wall there was cash to be earned in the sacked rubble and souvenir trade. Now it's nostalgia. In Berlin they hang nostalgia on the park railings for the tourists. And having acquired the tricks of the trade they hard-sell it. It's a class business.

cooking in the microwave

El Che

emancipator of the oppressed


Mrs Ceausescu

shut up
and eat your salami

On negotiating Ilya & Emilia Kabakov's Big Archive Labyrinth

"All persons aged between 18 and 28 who have been living in this village for more than 12 years should complete Form-16 or Form-16B and take it to the official sitting at Desk N12 in Room N3...

...and certify that no-one in their family has gonorrhea or other transmittable sexual disease...

...and that they are available for military service...

...and then take Form-32 to Desk N6 in Room 45...

...provided that they are not borrowing books from a friend who has a collection of more than 5 books or have a collection of more than 5 books themselves


The Soft Life

switch off the alarm
wake & swallow the pill
called Life

Title of an exhibition at MQ Vienna.

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