Thursday, 19 August 2010

WORLD BLIND FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIPS (see LINKS >>>) is the site for video highlights of the 2010 WORLD BLIND FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIPS (in which only the goalkeepers are sighted) and latest news and results. I can tell you that England are doing much better in the tournament than the sighted players did in South Africa. And as you might expect some of the skills of the blind Brazilian and Argentinian players are truly amazing.

Could there be an England v.Brazil semi-final? Tonight England, having defeated Japan and South Korea, will play Colombia for a place in the semi-final. The rain is falling in Hereford where the games are being played. This will make progress tricky. In similar conditions the England team suffered their only defeat, 0-1 against Spain. Good luck tonight to the boys! A capacity crowd will be right behind them.

GROUP 'A' RESULT: England 1 - 0 Colombia

SEMI-FINAL RESULT: Brazil 5 - 1 England

Final matches*
THE FINAL: Spain 0 - 2 Brazil
3RD PLACE PLAY-OFF: China 1 - 0 England

*8:02 video of these two games and interview with Gordon Banks at the LINK>>>