Monday, 29 August 2011


No mountain races for me in August but there was a long day's walk to do in the Höllengebirge - the Cave Mountains - a traverse under blazing sunshine.

At one point in the limestone pavement I was able to locate a source of fresh water which someone had kindly marked with a red Q (quelle - it means a spring) and I was able to replenish my bottle.

I was unaware that the area was inhabited by poisonous black vipers until after I'd finished the walk.

The new Lawrence of Arabia headgear ( proved its worth and my ears and nape came through unscathed.

Signs of wear and tear* were limited to a raging thirst for a beer! This was later satisfied at the Höllengebirge tavern in Seefeld. Here Mahler composed his 2nd and 3rd symphonies.

*ps - I forgot to mention my two black toenails!