Monday, 26 September 2011

Running with 110-year old lady

Last weekend there were 4 runners from Great Britain at the Schneeberg International Mountain Race in Austria's Rax-Alps. There were also many runners from other countries including Switzerland, France, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and the home nation Austria.

The 110-year old lady is the Puchberg-Schneeberg Locomotive no. 999.05 and she throws down her annual challenge to the mountains and the runners. The route consists of a 10km mountain trail with 1,200 meters (almost 4,000 feet) of ascent.

The start is at the Puchberg Railway Station in the valley and the finish is at the end of the line - the summit railway station. This year saw the 15th running of the event and there were 385 starters including Engine 999.05.

The photo shows one of my English clubmates checking the route information on the notice board near the start.


1. D Schneider SUI 54:46
2. A Dlugosz POL 56:40
3. A Redl AUT 60:32
13. Engine 999.05 1stW110
14. F Kolinek CZE 66:20 1stM50
43. C Lilge-Leutner AUT 72:50 1stW50
76. K Hesketh GBR 77:32 5thM50
82. E Schnell AUT 78:38 1stM60
155. J Sharples GBR 85:22 16thM50
192. M Hesketh GBR 88:26 3rdW50
277. G Williams GBR 98:43 8thM60

374 Finishers (11 dnf's).

Rax-Schneeberg Combination Races

Women's Race

1. T Lillehov SUI 2:29:12

9 Finished

Men's Race

1. D Schneider SUI 1:46:10
50. F Pauli AUT M70 3:12:04
54. G Williams GBR M60 3:14:56

58 Finished

Rax result is 3 posts below this one.

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