Saturday, 22 October 2011

Mental strength

The photograph below serves to highlight an important aspect of ultra-distance running and this is the mental strength required to bring the runner to the end of the race. The deserted streets, the blinding sun, the unforgiving road surface, and no end in sight, are just some of the challenges that ultra-runners have to contend with. There will be painful knees, annoying blisters, dehydration, fatigue, cramp, feelings of nausea, problems with kit, etc., etc., but ultra-distance runners tend to carry on regardless. They run and run until a doctor pulls them out of the race or an official sends for an ambulance or they fail to meet a time check or until they finally arrive at the finish. It's all a battle of wills. The will of the body crying stop! The will of the mind defying the protestations of the body. It's man (or woman) challenging himself. Seeking his limits. And winning through. It's a sport not to be entered into lightly. Be prepared to suffer. Be prepared for setbacks. Work on your mental strength. And then you'll enjoy it!

Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner - - - Hanns Steiner (Der Fisch)


Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

just been watching the Bupa Birmingham half-marathon on TV - a good run.

Gwil W said...

Thanks Gerald. Pleased to see the comments section now working again. Hopefully no more spammers.
I'm lucky to have Eurosport so I get to see highlights of the big marathons: London, Hamburg, Vienna, Berlin, New York etc.. as well as some Alpine mountain running events and triathlons.