Monday, 26 December 2011

Trails from the Vienna Woods

The weather today was fine for the time of year, the day following Christmas Day (Boxing Day it's called in the UK) so I packed my rucksack and took a tram to the Danube.

I started my run from the so-called Gateway to Vienna which is marked by a pair of upstream facing lions mounted on a bridge. One lion is hidden by a tree.

I ran out of Vienna along the riverside path to the village of Kahlenbergdorf and then turned left into the Vienna Woods. My run, at a gentle pace, took 2 hours 30 mins.

Quite a few runners, mountain bikers and walkers were on the trails. Normally at this time of year you'd expect to encounter snow. It hasn't arrived yet.

River Danube and the Gateway to Vienna

The first hill is steeper than it looks

Vogelsangberg or Birdsong Mountain

Descending a path to Grinzing

Ascending a path from Grinzing

On the last hill a telescope

Trails are clearly waymarked and signed
Path number 4 goes from Spain to Hungary

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