Monday, 30 January 2012

Cross Country as Preparation

The idea behind this bit of exercise was to continue with the preparation for the forthcoming mountain and trail-running season and at the same time assess my current level of fitness.

In the first photo, taken prior to my event, I am holding my thumbs which is the Austrian version of crossing one's fingers. The temperature is -3C and there is an easterly breeze.

Most of the photos below are from the race immediately prior to mine; but the courses of all the races, I think there were four runs over various distances, cover basically the same ground.

In my race we had to run 9 laps to complete the race distance of 9.35 kms.

holding my thumbs

the leaders

firm track underfoot . . .

some sharp bends

the long straight

race control hut and spectators

checking the results

receiving my prizes!

1. G Kerschbaumer (Austria Int. Orienteering Team) 32m 54s
32. G Willams (Clayton Harriers) 2M60 47m 52s

As a veteran runner, all too rapidly approaching 65, I was pleased with my time in such elite company.

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