Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Over the fields and into the woods

You are not alone in the woods

The first major event of Vienna's 2012 running season, the Wien Energie Halbmarathon, is now being prominently advertised. I took the photo of a race advertisement posted near the start of today's training run. I will definitely not be running in the half marathon sponsored by the local electric company race because the route is bound to be 100% tarmac and I'm a 100% off-road trail runner. I figure my running legs will last much longer if I treat them with some respect. As my good friend JS often says: Tarmac is for tyres. And, of course, he's 100% right. Nevertheless the poster shows that spring will soon be on the way and it makes me feel good.

Now join me on a typical training run. I'll be going quite fast. Yesterday was a regeneration day. The day before yesterday was 45 mins of hill reps.

Spring is on the way!

Map showing Hameau area

A bright day and good trails

Frost in the shadows

Approaching the hills

The first climb

Snow on the tops

The next valley - Weidlingbach

Climbing again

Clouds looming - time to head back

The maps, such as the one in the third photo down, can be found all over Vienna. If you stick to the red routes you will meet other runners. They are probably useful routes for timing oneself and checking progress for those so inclined.

My favoured method is to base training runs around recommended routes, touching them now and again, but quickly veering off into the wilderness. I like to share the spirit of the nature with the animals.

One of the pleasurable highlights of today's run was the sight of a robin enjoying himself in the sunshine, playing in a pool of melting ice aside my path.

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