Monday, 9 January 2012

The Soleweg Trail

The Soleweg Trail is a 42 kms (26 miles) path which begins in the valley of the River Traun at Ebensee in Austria's Salzkammergut or Lake District.

The path follows the route of an ancient pipeline which was originally constructed from hollowed-out tree trunks and was used to wash salt down from the salt mines in the mountains at Hallstatt to the boats waiting at Ebensee to transport it further.

The white gold, as it was called, was obviously a precious commodity in the days before refrigeration. The photographs show the first half of the Soleweg - Ebensee to Bad Ischl - and some of the signposts I saw along the way.

There are some diversions in place and these should be heeded. Sections of the path may be closed after inclement weather due to falling trees or rocks. The area is subject to avalanches.

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