Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A break in the weather

The halfway stop

Something strange in the woods

The Exelberg Road

The Sophienalpe Path

The Hohe Wand path

Mauerbach ski slope

Snow boarders

Ski school

The end of the trail - Hadersdorf

Finally, as you can see, it was warm enough to get out for a run. It's been exactly a week since the severe weather descended upon Central and Eastern Europe. Running soon began to become a mere memory - getting more distant by the day. And so today's window of opportunity was not to be missed.

The run/jog/walk (depending on underfoot conditions) took me about 3 hours but that included a midway 25-30 minute stop for a nourishing bowl of hot potato soup and a mug of warm cider.

I've no idea why the flamingoes and the giant mouse are hanging in the trees.

I don't do much road running as a rule but today I wanted to get on the hill in a hurry so I ran up the serpentines of the Exelberg Road. At this time of year there is very little traffic. In spring these hills with their sharp bends will be the domain of the motor biking fraternity.

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