Saturday, 7 April 2012

Jauerling Mountain Race

This event is the first race of the year in the 30th Austrian mountain running IÖBLC/ÖLV Series. We were given a Press & Sport Information handout listing 45 races taking place between the beginning of April and the end of October.

The temperature on the top was 4C according to 'those in the know'. It was not much warmer down below in the cool breeze. As you can see, I put everything on for my pre-race warm-up.

After 10 minutes of jogging around I found that I was uncomfortably warm and shortly before the start I changed into a pair of long shorts, and a running vest over a long-sleeved t-shirt. I packed the jacket into the back pocket of the shorts and wore it for the jog back down the hill.

My preferred shoes, the New Balance RX Terrain, proved ideal for the course, which is mainly a steep rough track littered with leaves, small rocks and twigs, interspersed with two short road sections, and then followed by a lovely soft forest trail to finish on.

The threatened rain held off for the duration of the race and I was pleased to break the hour, albeit by 1 second!

choosing the right shoes for the job

trees in blossom on the lower slopes

2nd place trophy for the over 60's

with race organizer Walter Zugriegel

Jauerling Berglauf, Spitz, NÖ.
7th April 2012, 8.5km/780m

1. A Redl (M40), Loosdorf ASK, 36:48
2. A Früwirth (2M40), Horn ULC, 40:09
3. A Kainz, Gmünd LT, 40:32
18. H Karbt (M60), Birngruber LT, 47:19
47. G Williams (2M60), Clayton H, 59:59
57. K Silewinaz (3M60), Loosdorf ASK 65:31

68 Finishers

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