Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Hausruck Challenge

Hausruck Challenge 2012 - 2nd M60 

The Hausruck Challenge is a 26.2 km trail race in the north-west of Austria not very far from Czech Republic border. The Hausruck itself is a long hump -backed wood covered hill which dominates the area. I had a good run but unfortunately I had to leave immediately after the race so I was unable to receive my 2nd placed M60 trophy. I believe there were 5 M60's in the race.

As you can see I was more than pleased with the cool t-shirt I found in the race sponsor's goodie bag! The sunny photo was taken the next day. It had rained almost the whole time I was there.

Gosausee Lake

A few days later I ran against the train at St. Wolfgang in the Salzkammergut area. The course was straight up the Schafberg Mountain.

I also managed to squeeze in a short sharp trail race around Gosausee Lake, at 1,000 mtrs, in the Dachstein area. After the race there was time for a beer and a sunset.

Franz, the young man in the photo below, volunteered to be in my 2-man relay team Jung und Alt. I ran the first leg and gave it my best shot. Together we put on a respectable show beating at least 3 other teams. There were gold medal awards for all the runners!

Gosausee 4.2km Trail

1 - - D Rohringer 15:39
43 - G Williams    21:14 (1M60)

78 Finished

Hausruck Challenge 26.2km 425m +/- 

1 - - - R Gruber  1:32:34
88 - - R Sonntagbauer 2:19:52 (1M60)
117 - G Williams 2:33:00 (2M60)

147 Finished

Schafberg Mountain (Runners v Train) 5.85km 1190m +

1 - - - A Tockner  0:46:16
66 - - L Holzleithner (1M60) 1:00:54
158 - G Williams (9M60) 1:19:22

182 Finished

My team: Jung und Alt

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