Monday, 28 May 2012

Hütteldorf to Gumpoldskirchen

I traveled light, basically with water bottle, telephone and a banana; I didn't for instance take my camera with me on yesterday's trail run of approximately 40km.

Some of the photos have appeared previously. They are included again to give an impression of the undulating nature of the terrain.

As usual I made use of the train to get to the start and afterwards to get back to base.

My route over well-marked trails took me through Vienna's Lainzer Tiergarten - the ancient Habsburg hunting grounds now a Nature Park and the Föhrenberge Nature Park. In addition I went over the shoulder of the Anninger the highest hill in the area before descending to my final destination - the wine growing area and the main village of Gumpoldskirchen.

Approximately halfway along my route I stopped for a cup of strong coffee and a slice of cheese-cake at the Saltzstanglwirt on the Kugelwiese before dropping off the ridge at about 500mtrs to the Schafhütt'n and then running across the fields in the bottom picture.

As can be seen from the signpost a part of my route was over the Mariazellerweg - the well-known pilgrimage path - and also over the E/W Northern Alpine Way, for here we are in the eastern foothills of the Alps.

I was running, or more correctly I should say I was jogging steadily, for 4hrs and 15mins which time included the 20 minute refreshment stop mentioned above and also a 10 minute stop after 15 kms to fill my water bottle and remove my insoles. Weather: sunny and partly cloudy - approx 20C.

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