Monday, 28 May 2012

Runners v. Schafberg Train

Digging In

The photo was taken at the race alongside the Schafberg railway mentioned a couple of posts below.

The railway was constructed by a gang of Italians and completed in 1893 in the unbelievably short time of 14 months. The steepest part of the gradient is 26% and more than 4kms of its 5.85 km length averages 25%. The original steam locomotives continue to operate on the line alongside the newer diesel engines. The trains are pulled up and down using a cog system. There are, as you'd expect, several videos of the Schafberg Mountain Railway (or Bahn) on You Tube.

As part of the post-race celebrations in the hotel at the top of the Schafberg Mountain (1783 mtrs, 5850ft) the organizers placed a selection of photos on a table for competitors to sort through and choose from. I was delighted to find this picture of myself which shows not only the effort involved but also the Wolfgangsee Lake where we had started from. In my right hand I am carrying my water bottle. I was, thankfully, able to refill it twice on the way up!

You Tube

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