Sunday, 15 July 2012

European Masters Mountain Running Championships

Exploring a Vorarlberg trail 
The 4th EVAA-WMRA European Master Mountain Running Championship was held on 1st July 2012 on the Muttersberg's 8.2km / 840m hd (5.1 miles / 2756 ft hd) course at Bludenz-Nüziders in Vorarlberg, Austria. 

The races were open to European men and women over the age of 35. 

I spent two days relaxing on a mountainside in a high valley and explored a couple of trails. The day before the race I moved to the town of Bludenz. 

An old injury (see post below) had now substantially repaired itself and I decided, despite a worrying lack of race fitness, to confirm my entry. I was issued with number 60.

The next thing was that a British union jack on a long stick was thrust into my hands and before I knew what was happening I found myself leading a contingent of British runners through the streets of Bludenz. 

We were taking part in a colourful flag waving parade of competitors from 17 European nations. It felt, at least to me, almost like being in the Olympics! In fact I think it was probably better than being in the Olympics for each competitor was an amateur athlete competing only for the love of the sport.

Here is the result of the Men's Race (since that is the event I was involved in):

Pos'n       Name              Category          Nation/Club            Time
1             Manfred Jauch M35       (Switzerland-Altdorf)    42:21
5             Craig Roberts  M45        (GB-Kendal AC)          43:22
134         John Blair-Fish M60      (GB-Carnethy)               58:15
191        Alan Roberts M45          (GB-Aylesbury)             64:52
222        Phil Roberts M65            (GB-Rochdale H)          71:39
228        Gwilym Williams M60   (GB-Clayton H)             73:33
251        Kevin Dillon M55           (GB-Manchester H)       84:55

255 finishers

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