Monday, 27 August 2012

A walk to the Welser Hut

The trailhead - leaving the Almtal Hut

 This scenic walk with my regular companion H, accompanied by our mutual friend D, was from Austria's Almtal.

Three hours of walking and a little scrambling on the hottest day of the year brought us to the Welser Hut situated 800 meters below the summit of the Grosser Priel.

Our plan was to spend one night in the hut and then to climb to the summit the following morning after an early breakfast and then to return to the valley.

The series of photos documents our walk to the hut. There I enjoyed a supper of black pudding, fried potatoes, beans and cider. This unholy mixture kept me awake most of the night for reasons that are not hard to imagine.

High winds and persistent weather lightning in the night was followed by an early morning thunderstorm.

We were soon persuaded to err on the side of caution and to return to the valley.

Nevertheless, I was not disappointed. It was a very scenic and exhilarating walk and a worthwhile undertaking.

On the path to the Welser Hut 

The final ascent to the Welser Hut 

Not a cloud in sight.

A view of the rock climbers wall 

The Welser Hut in sunshine

A dramatic change in the weather

In the mountains when conditions are uncertain don't be too proud to turn back. Always remember: 

"The mountains will still be there when you come again."