Saturday, 8 September 2012

Esterhazy Park, Eisenstadt

In the Austrian town of Eisenstadt, most famous for Joseph Haydn the composer who worked there for a long period of time, there is a pleasant area of parkland known as Esterhazy Park which boasts a fine running trail of 3.15 kms (1.95 miles) with a height gain of 90 mtrs (295 feet).

When I am in the area I take the opportunity to run 3 circuits; 6 miles and 900feet hd (5.85 miles with 885 feet hd for the pedant).

Time required? Around 53 minutes.

The stone bridge near the start ...

...  leads to a shaded gravel path 

ducks on the pond (after 1 km)

an obelisk marking the highest point

waymarked junctions

 the fastest section of the course

and nearly there ...

... end of the first lap!

Running parkland trails, away from traffic pollution and noise, can be a rewarding experience. 

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