Wednesday, 14 November 2012

A pre-winter fire

I concluded my 2012 running season with a bottom of the bell curve outing at Dunnerdale which is in the south-west corner of the Lake District National Park in Cumbria, England.

Having curtailed my training schedule after September's Asitzkogel race in Austria (2012 race season high spot) I was 4 to 5 kg heavier and consequently not race sharp at the Dunnerdale event; the race date fell towards the end of a 2 months recovery phase (albeit I had taken part in the Italian Chianti Ecomaratona 18km trail race during this period of easy-peasy semi-training).

Keep the fire going! 

The Dunnerdale Fell Race result will follow (below) in due course.

Soon I will be 65 and it goes almost without saying that a runner's 65th year is a significant way-marker in the mountain and trail running scene. It's the point, the junction of paths if you like, where the trail runner can simply turn away and fade away; perhaps to live on past glories at his local inn or club, and some do, or he or she can grin and bear the accumulating aches and pains and hobble straight on and through the late autumn of a running career.

It's obvious that the latter of these options is the right one for me; and so the rest and recovery period is now over and my enthusiasm is once again fired!

2013 can come!

And then it was, as providence would have it, that early this morning I encountered a fire salamander in his glistening black and yellow-patched suit, and with his high-stepping gait going along in a curious stop-start way over the wrinkled autumn leaves lying on the trail - both of us heading uphill and into the woods - two creatures on our way . . .

Dunnerdale Fell Race

1.    C Bell - 41:48
56.  M Walsh - 1M60 - 50:58
223.G Williams - M60 - 74:19

243 finishers

SW Lake District  

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