Sunday, 18 November 2012

The Half Trog

   I went there with Jon and Bruce to spectate and offer shouts of encouragement and as appropriate discouragement - but it was all in good fun.

The Half Trog Fell Race takes place on the moorland above Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire. It is called the Half Trog because it is only half as long as the Full Trog. But any distance is long when you are running over boggy tussocks.

Although it was a breezy day in mid-November and we were in a Pennine wilderness there was, unless my eyes were deceiving me, a man with an ice cream van waiting for customers in the shadow of the wind turbines atop the moorland pass; perhaps some passing cyclist would pull up and buy one.

We three of weaker flesh adjourned to the warmth and cosiness of the nearest public house, which happened to be the Robin Hood, for hot pub lunches with traditional accompaniments after our stint on the wild moors.

I took several photos of our jaunt:

We three at the trig point 

Bruce with Scilly hat and Jon

A thumbs up from Tim Black (1st)

Alan Life digs in

 Jean Brown pursued by Michael Toman 

Clayton's Pete Booth powers on (1st V60)

An ancient way marker 

It was great. My thanks to the lads; I expect we'll be back!


Dominic Rivron said...

All familiar shots! Used to use those fells as my training runs. And Tim Black's wearing my old shirt.

Gwil W said...

Sometime, Dominic you must let me see your current shirt - perhaps on your blog!