Sunday, 25 November 2012


Yesterday's outing was by train to the village of Puchberg-am-Schneeberg (585mtrs) which is naturally situated within sight of the Schneeberg Massif. My map shows 3 peaks: Klosterwappen (2076mtrs), Kaiserstein (2061mtrs) and Waxriegel (1888mtrs). It was to this latter that I made my way.

The vegetation changes as one wends one's way up the trail towards the mountain path. The view below is looking towards the south from the Kaltwasser Sattel area (1300mtrs).

Here, I have left the track far behind and I'm climbing a steep slope in an area known as Kuhplagge. 

On and on. I'll have walked more than 20 kms with over 1300mtrs of climbing by the time I get back to the village.

The path becomes narrower, steeper and more rocky. But the effort is worth it. The magnificent view across the Ochsenboden to the north with the Klosterwappen peak on the left and the Kaiserstein peak on the right.

Under the clouds, and 64 kms away, is the city of Vienna.

And now the final push to Waxriegel summit:

Two walkers were following behind. And when they arrived one of them kindly took this summit photo. The building below on the edge of the escarpment is the Elisabeth Kirchlein - a small church.

Having reached the summit and eaten my banana I returned to the village just as the fog was closing in and caught the train back to Vienna.

Sometimes you just have to go and find your own sun. It won't always come to you!

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