Sunday, 16 December 2012

Indoor Marathon - Vienna









This morning, being Sunday, I caught the underground train U2 to Vienna's Exhibition Centre in order to see Vienna's first indoor marathon. It was the sheer novelty of the idea of having a 26.2 mile race indoors that induced me to go and take a look.

As you can see I took my camera.

As a trail and mountain runner the idea of an indoor course didn't particularly appeal to me and consequently I didn't participate in any of the races.

Another reason I didn't run was the prohibitive entry fee. I calculated that for the cost of entering the indoor marathon I could participate in several mountain and trail races; up to half a dozen would be possible.

The Messe Wien is a building of monster proportions in which 16 laps is 26miles.

The amplified rock music was not a comfortable experience from a spectator point of view although I can imagine that it served to push along many a tiring runner through to the finish line.

I arrived when the half marathon (8 laps) was in progress. I left 15 minutes after the full marathon started.

Someone gave me a yellow carrier bag containing a couple of sports drinks and other items and I entered a free draw to win a pair of Brooks running shoes.

Interesting morning.


Dominic Rivron said...

Sounds fascinating and ghastly all at the same time.

I'm reminded of the feat of the Victorian "pedestrians" and "pedestriennes". For example, one woman (I forget her name and when she did it - I've just been searching) walked over 100 miles round the inside of Brighouse town hall.

Gwil W said...

Dominic, what you describe in Brighouse town hall sounds almost like torture, but you are right about pedestrianism and the Victorian era. I recall something about a man of those times disembarking from his ship somewhere I believe in France and walking to his residence in Moscow. The era seemed to encourage mega distance walking. We are mere wimps with our 26.2 mies!

Dominic Rivron said...

And someone walked 1,000 times between two pubs in Yorkshire that were exactly a mile apart - one of those 1,000 miles in 1,000 hours challenges, I think. Again, I can't find references to it off hand.

Gwil W said...

Hi Dominic, just an update on the Indoor Marathon - it now turns out that the course was approximately one mile short (or about 1.7kms)!