Thursday, 13 December 2012


Sometimes you simply have to dig into your reserves. This is often as much a mental as a physical exercise. I think it helps if you are in a beautiful location such as this lakeside path in the Austrian Alps.
Of course it's important that you have prepared adequately for the race and have the miles in your legs.

The right diet is important too as I am now discovering. Foods I used to shun: figs, dates, black treacle, etc., are now part of my eating regime. And foods I used to partake of eagerly I have now cut by 70%-80%, especially beers and wines. Some like refined sugar, meats containing fat and deep fried foods I have eliminated altogether. After all, food is fuel. And you can't run a highly tuned benzine motor on tractor diesel. I think it's the same with the human engine. For a decent performance you require the most suitable type of fuel in your tank.

In the above 15.5km race I placed 3rd in the Over 60's category.

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