Monday, 14 January 2013

Cross country 5.75km


Yesterday morning I ran in the 5.75km cross country race at my local course. Not much to say about it except that I was one minute quicker than last year. It's always good to note some progress. Feels much better than writing about setbacks!

Today I managed a 2 hour jog, you can't really run in 6" of new snow; it was over an undulating woodland course which normally takes about 1hr 15mins. The training effect is good. I hope to do some trail races over distances of 20km - 50km later in the year.

Have to see how it goes.

I wish everyone an enjoyable and injury free run through 2013.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Music for the lazy runner

Yes, yesterday's sunny period came briefly and went, as I thought it would. So what.

I have received an old crock card from a friend. And the snow is falling and swirling outside my window. All this won't stop me going out for a run.

Properly equipped with my balaclava, my warm brightly coloured jacket, my best grippy shoes, and a ticket for the tram (just in case!) it will soon be time to go out and run. A battle of wills. Mine against the elements. And the unforgiving clock. The tick-tock of aging time.

So what is today's trick to get out the door? The right sort of music is a motivation! You'll find mine on the YouTube website if, when you go there, you enter the words Hubert von Goisern Brenna Tuats Guat. 

I tried to link from here but it didn't work. It's the official video of the song was uploaded by the singer himself so why it wouldn't work is something of a mystery. But that aside, I think its worth making the effort.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Motivation after 65

every day
the question is
how do I come
by means of a trick
a new trick daily
through the day

The above quote from the mad doctor in the Thomas Bernhard play "The Ignorant and the Crazy" pinpoints a problem encountered by many older runners when the aging body begins to protest. It is not without reason that the age categories for races shrink from 10 years to 5 years when one has turned 60.

The answer of course is in the question. We have to find new tricks to kid and cajole the body into obeying the will of the mind. And if the mind is weak we have to go beyond the mind into the realm of what I call the supraconsciousness to draw on resources to trick even the mind.

By way of example; your foot is hurting and outside it's cold grey and wet. What to do? You can wimp out but that doesn't achieve much. No, you have to go. You know you will feel better for it afterwards. Maybe you need to pull many rabbits out of the proverbial hat. Perhaps a foot massage is called for. Then what, a knee bandage? A double layer of running pants. A long-sleeved shirt. A gillette. A pair of compression socks. A warm hat. Soon you'll be so wrapped up and so warm indoors that you will have to go out. You see. The trick worked. And out you went. Ninety minutes later you were back and ten minutes after that you were relaxing in a hot bath. So there you have it. One day, one trick. Tomorrow the sun may be shining . . .

Monday, 7 January 2013

In Wels and a New Year's Eve 5 km

I hadn't run in a competitive New Year's Eve race for several years but the idea of running 3 short laps around the town centre of Wels, Austria's seventh largest town, appealed to me.

The course was rectangular in shape: one of the longer sides of the rectangle followed the course of the local river, the Traun, and the opposite long side passed through the old baroque part of the town along the main street and that's where the music and the hype was loudest. There was even a Roman Emperor in a chariot to urge us on, for the city of Wels was an ancient Roman settlement.

I decided to start at the back of the field behind the 50 or so Nordic Walkers who had their own race, but over 2 laps, starting at the same time. In that way I avoided the mad rush to the first right-angled bend. The tactic paid off and I was able to avoid the early jostling for position and the consequent wasting of energy. On the second and third laps I made up lost ground, passing many runners who had obviously set off too quickly.

At the finish we were presented with finishers medals, cups of tea and steaming bowls of hot vegetables and noodles.

A great way to end the old year!

Result: Wels Silvesterlauf 5 kms.
31st December 2012

1.   Dimitri Kudronofsky  (Proteam) 16:22
25. Marlene Glack (RunnersPoint) 18:57
350. G Williams 7thM60 25:16

711 finishers.