Monday, 7 January 2013

In Wels and a New Year's Eve 5 km

I hadn't run in a competitive New Year's Eve race for several years but the idea of running 3 short laps around the town centre of Wels, Austria's seventh largest town, appealed to me.

The course was rectangular in shape: one of the longer sides of the rectangle followed the course of the local river, the Traun, and the opposite long side passed through the old baroque part of the town along the main street and that's where the music and the hype was loudest. There was even a Roman Emperor in a chariot to urge us on, for the city of Wels was an ancient Roman settlement.

I decided to start at the back of the field behind the 50 or so Nordic Walkers who had their own race, but over 2 laps, starting at the same time. In that way I avoided the mad rush to the first right-angled bend. The tactic paid off and I was able to avoid the early jostling for position and the consequent wasting of energy. On the second and third laps I made up lost ground, passing many runners who had obviously set off too quickly.

At the finish we were presented with finishers medals, cups of tea and steaming bowls of hot vegetables and noodles.

A great way to end the old year!

Result: Wels Silvesterlauf 5 kms.
31st December 2012

1.   Dimitri Kudronofsky  (Proteam) 16:22
25. Marlene Glack (RunnersPoint) 18:57
350. G Williams 7thM60 25:16

711 finishers.


Dominic Rivron said...

Sounds like a great race. Good to hear of a place where race-walking is taken seriously - although I've never felt moved to try it myself.

Gwil W said...

It was certainly an enjoyable experience. There were also several children's races over distances from 200mtrs up to 1.2kms taking place.