Friday, 11 January 2013

Music for the lazy runner

Yes, yesterday's sunny period came briefly and went, as I thought it would. So what.

I have received an old crock card from a friend. And the snow is falling and swirling outside my window. All this won't stop me going out for a run.

Properly equipped with my balaclava, my warm brightly coloured jacket, my best grippy shoes, and a ticket for the tram (just in case!) it will soon be time to go out and run. A battle of wills. Mine against the elements. And the unforgiving clock. The tick-tock of aging time.

So what is today's trick to get out the door? The right sort of music is a motivation! You'll find mine on the YouTube website if, when you go there, you enter the words Hubert von Goisern Brenna Tuats Guat. 

I tried to link from here but it didn't work. It's the official video of the song was uploaded by the singer himself so why it wouldn't work is something of a mystery. But that aside, I think its worth making the effort.


Dominic Rivron said...

I had a listen -

It's good to have a beat like that to run to sometimes. Trouble is I find my earphones keep falling out (OK I always get cheap ones) which I find quite distracting. Even my balaclava fails to hold them in.

Gwil W said...

Pretty much the same story here Dominic, but I've now given up taking music on the run with me and now I use it as part of pre-run psyche up to get me out the door.