Friday, 15 March 2013

Meeting the Wall

Marathon runners dread meeting "the wall". This generally happens at roughly 20 miles into the 26 mile race distance when the runner's body suddenly runs out of fuel and every step from then on, until the finish line is reached, is a kind of hobbling torture.

M, an Italian friend of mine, is competing in the Rome Marathon this weekend and so this photo is for his information:

Dear M,
with your
here is what "the wall" looks like, in Venice at least.
Look out!

Bard on the Run Venice Holiday Tip: It's a restaurant by the fish market in the Rialto district of Venice. You'll hear him before you see him! Escape from the souvenir trail and taste a portion of mixed seafood with a glass of sparkling wine at a table seat in the square before midday when the fish market is in full swing and watch and hear and smell and feel the loud brash colourful carefree and sadly now fragmented Venetian world in action.

Update: My friend M avoided the wall and finished in a time of around 4 hours which was very commendable for his age. His only problem was negotiating some cobbled streets.  Bravo M, I am happy for you!

The classic race route was changed for religious reasons.

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