Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Where is the Spring?

A stork in Rust

The storks are arriving in Burgenland. They have the long journey from Africa behind them. Perhaps it is a sign that improving weather is on the way; although I have to say that tomorrow's forecast is for yet more snow.

On Monday, I went for a blast round Eisenstadt's Esterhazy Park. My session was 3 laps on mixed-terrain paths and trails and covered 9.45kms with 290 mtrs +/- of undulations.

I was delighted to complete the course in 54 minutes. Last time I ran over the same course in the park I took 53 minutes; but that was in September when the weather was much warmer.

The Austrian Alps are particularly dangerous at the moment because the snow is unstable. On Monday, the day I was in the park, at least 5 persons were swept away in 3 avalanches. Only 1 survivor reported.

Be careful out there.

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