Friday, 17 May 2013

Challenging times

 Got a problem? Deal with it.

Injured? There's no place for the sulks in sport. Being miserable and falling into depression will only delay recovery.

The first week after I cracked my ribs I took painkillers and used an elasticated strapping as support.

That was that.

The second week I dispensed with the strapping and reduced the painkillers. I gently applied various anti-inflamatory ointments and rubs.

The third week I knocked off the painkillers but stuck with the anti-inflamatory massage.

I now ventured out with my Nordic walking sticks. I found the straight up and down movement of my arms was not doing any damage and I upped the distance and, importantly, the time on my feet.

Now into the fourth week I decided to tackle a small hill. I went with the tram, or Bim, to Rodaun and then walked to Perchtoldsdorf and from there up the hill known as the Kammerstein.

The total distance walked was roughly 10 kms (6 miles) with 300 mtrs (1,000 ft) of ascent and I was pleased to manage it without any problems.

The winding hillside path took me through mixed woodland and over a carpet of wild garlic; its powerful scent playing on the ever shifting breeze.

I saw a kestrel flying away with a small animal in its talons.

I saw two women with two severely handicapped children in wheelchairs a short way up the path.

I later saw a man, who appeared to have had a stroke or a serious accident affecting one side of his body making his way up in determined fashion.

And I thought how fortunate I am with only a cracked rib or two.

At the summit there was a refreshment hut and it was open. There I found a place in the sun and out of the wind and rested with a refreshing pint of shandy.

A stranger took my photograph and complemented me on my mastery of German. I thought how kind people can be. And also how courageous they can be.

This morning I walked 8 laps around the jogging course in my local park. That's 12 kms (7.5 miles).

I think I may be running again in 2 or 3 weeks. Time, as they say, will tell.

Saturday, 11 May 2013

New goals now required

Two posts below I reported on my last race. Here, from that event, are the latest action photographs of the Bard on the Run.

As well as our finisher-medals and jpgs we also 'received' official certificates to download and print but with the price of printer ink being prohibitive I declined the offer.

My current injury, for the record, is not a running injury. I foolishly tried to 'help' a neighbour catch her cat. Before I knew it I'd slipped on a polished floor, sandals with no grip, and fallen heavily cracking my ribs on the corner of a wooden box. The cat, it goes without saying, escaped my clutches!

That was two weeks ago. Now I'm more than pleased to be walking, if not yet running, with the aid of occasional pain killers and a pair of Nordic walking sticks; slow and steady progress being the order of the day.

Meanwhile I'm rereading my trail and mountain running magazines; especially with regard to fixture lists. I will obviously have to revise my plans. New goals and a fresh training schedule will soon be required for the rearranged season ahead. All this is also part of the fun, as well as a challenge.

The road to the hill 

Approaching the summit

The finishing straight