Sunday, 7 July 2013

Round the Lainzertiergarten Trail Race

Race organizer Walter Zugriegel put it about that I'd sneaked off to a nearby pub for a pint of Guinness midway through today's 25 km trail run around the perimeter wall of the ancient royal hunting grounds on the outskirts of Vienna and that this excursion explained my 'slow' time. Mind you, he had earlier started the rumour that America's #1 fugitive Edward Snowden had not pre-entered today's race.

Humour is a great asset. 

In the final analysis I was runner-up in the M65 age category. I duly received a suitable cup and a deliciously green chocolate pig as my reward.

The actual reason for my race time being slightly slower than I had predicted was that an unknown miscreant had placed a false direction arrow on the course at a vital point early in the race. A group of runners, including myself,  had fallen for the ruse.

Perhaps the world's most famous fugitive was somewhere about after all?

I should have followed my instincts and stayed on the trail. I had local knowledge and had completed the race, of which this was the 25th and final running, on previous occasions. I can really only blame myself for my error.

Sidetracked we hunted for markers in vain. After several minutes and perhaps a kilometer down the wrong trail it dawned on many of us that we had been sent on a wild goose chase.

We retraced our steps and regained the correct track.

This episode didn't spoil my enjoyment of the race nor from the smiles I witnessed at the presentation ceremony that of other runners.

Round the Lainzertiergarten Trail Race
24.2 kms / 660 hm  -  7/7/2013

01. O Janercek CZ 1:43:33
59. M Reither AUT M65 2:34:31
66. G Williams GB 2M65 2:49:50

76 finishers
1 dnf

It would be a good thing if a local running club or other organization could take this race on board. It has great potential. 

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