Friday, 23 August 2013

Petro Mamu wins Austria's Feuerkogel Berglauf

Eritrea's world champion mountain runner was flanked by Kenyan challengers, 2nd and 3rd, at the recent Feuerkogel Race  prize presentation.

I took part in this high-class mountain race and finished 7th of 9 runners in my age group.

Running over the new (shorter) 10 km course was a joy. And having the men and ladies run over the same distance (not 11km and 9km as before) was a great improvement too.

Int. Feuerkogel Mountain Race,  11th August 2013
10kms 1250 mtrs hd

1. Petro Mamu      51:45 (CR)
78. F Reichoer   1M65 1:17:44
187. G Williams 7M65 1:40:40

 217 finishers (12 nations)

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