Friday, 23 August 2013

Ulrichsberg Mountain Race

As you can see from the photo it was a hot day for a race, but there was some welcome shade along the trail up Ulrichsberg, an ancient Celtic mountain.

Local farmers turned out with their hosepipes to spray the runners with cold water as we headed along a quiet road section through fields of wheat and barley in the early stages.

At the start an ancient double throne carved from stone marked the spot where justice was once dispensed and a small fountain dispensed cold water. We all drank from it gratefully.

The race soon left the plain and climbed steadily up a shady forest trail towards a ruined 13th century fortification on the mountain summit where assorted drinks, together with an ample supply of apples, cakes and bananas were laid out on a wall.

Those who had sent up a change of clothing changed into it. Others, like myself, jogged down the hill and caught the first waiting bus back to the starting area.

From the starting area I jogged to the presentation venue, the tennis club in the village of Maria Saal and there changed into dry clothes.

We all received a photograph of ourselves 'in action'. In addition I was placed 3rd in my age category and for my efforts I received a useful and unique prize; a hand painted kitchen jar (suitable for storing spaghetti!) bearing an image of the ancient building atop the Ulrichsberg.

16th. International Ulrichsberg Mountain Race 4th August 2013
9.2 kms / 550 mtrs hd

1.    R Stark               40:25
98.  E Schöckl   1M65  60:53
117.G Williams 3M65  65:02

154 finishers

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