Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Drei Zinnen Alpine Mountain Race

Jonathan Wyatt (centre) in good humour at the Drei Zinnen 

The weather was ideal for the race although there was a slight headwind early on during the run up the valley and on the exposed slopes. 

The last time I entered the Drei Zinnen race was 5 years ago when it snowed and we had to run over an alternative course on Monte Elmo. I finished 10th of 24 M60's that time. 

This time, albeit 5 years have passed and I'm not getting any younger, I was pleased to finish 26th of the 37 competing M60's. But I really think there are enough runners of my age to warrant an M65 category. 

As it stands a runner just out of his 59th year can be competing in the same group as a runner fast approaching 70. Surely a race which attracts 1,000 runners from many countries ought to have a separate category for M65 runners.  

I enjoyed the unique course and took the opportunity to admire the fantastic scenery and to wave to the helicopter monitoring the race and carrying our warm clothes to the race finish location. 

In the end I had plenty of energy left in the old tank, although I struggled a little in the final kilometers due to a twinge of cramp in my left thigh following the descent of the scree slope and the change of terrain onto the final undulating path (the path runs from left to right on the photo of my race number).

After crossing the finish line and sampling the cakes and fruit on offer we had to walk for about 9kms down a somewhat wiggly path (as shown on the notice board photo) to reach the bus terminus. 

The contagiously enthusiastic Lee Jaas, regularly here from Luxembourg, and whom I remembered from the 1998 event was staying at my hotel. With his superior course knowledge and younger M60 legs Lee finished 10 minutes in front of me in a time of 2:40:01. 

At breakfast the next morning it was judged that we were both in reasonably good condition following our exertions. 

And so, I expect we'll be back!

Destination TreCime  


1st Petro Mamu (ERI) 1:22.44
2nd Jonathan Wyatt (NZL) M40 1:27:46
3rd Thomas Niederegger (ITA) 1:30:15
48th Renate Rungger (ITA) 1st Lady 1:49:28
49th Albert Rungger (ITA) 1stM60 1:49:29
648th Lee Jaas (LUX) 19thM60 2:40:01
742nd Gwilym Williams  (GBR) 26thM60*  2:50:02

932 finishers

16 countries represented

*There is no M65 class at this race. My position(s) therefore was/were 26th of the 37 M60's (official) and 6th of the 10 M65's (unofficial). The fastest time recorded by an M65 runner was 2:06:49.

Lee Jaas

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