Sunday, 29 September 2013

Schneeberg Mountain Race

There were two races in Puchberg yesterday. 

The first to get underway was the 2nd edition of the Schneeberg Trail Race which is a tough race over 32 kms with 2500 mtrs of ascent. It started at 7:30 when I was still at home having my porridge and banana. 

Earlier in the week I played with the idea of actually participating in the trail race but then I finally opted for the classic 10 km mountain race which begins at 10am. This year saw the 17th running of that race. 

Here you see me waving to one of my support team on the way out of the village of Puchberg. To the left of the traffic lights you can see the railway track.


Fine pictures below of  runner 117, for the locomotive is entered as a competitor in the race. She not only gets a race number but an official finishing position and an official time.

I took a close look at my rival before the start. With years of experience behind her and a plentiful supply of coal on board there was no doubt in my mind that she would beat nearly all the athletes in the race to the station 1200 mtrs above us. And so it proved.

I enjoy running along trails through light mountain mists even more than usual when I suddenly emerge into a panorama of mountain scenery under sunlight and blue sky with white clouds like soft blankets lying below my feet. And so it was yesterday on the Schneeberg mountain.

A lovely bonus on the way back to my car was to bump into 6-times World Champion Jonathan Wyatt and his wife European Champion Antonella Confortola. Jonno told me that he had no intention of hanging his trainers on the nail now that he had turned 40 like so many athletes do but to continue to enjoy running in the mountains as long as he was able to and, he added, that he hoped he'd still be running at my age (which is M65). He has been and continues to be a great ambassador for the sport.
I hope he enjoys his running for many decades to come.

17th Schneeberg International Mountain Race 10kms / 1200 +mtrs

1. Andrzej Dlugosz POL 00:53:39
2. David Schneider SUI  00:54:19
3. Azarya Teklay    ERI  00:55:08
4. Jonathan Wyatt   NZL 00:55:57  1M40
12. Antonella Confortola ITA 1:06:37 1L
18. Train 117  AUT 1:08:37
81. Alois Taset AUT 1:20:54 1M60
219. Gwilym Williams GBR 1:38:34* 5M60

298 finishers (14 nations)

2nd Schneeberg International Trail Race 32kms / 2500 +mtrs

1. Michael Kabicher AUT 03:28:42
2. Martin Gansterer   AUT 03:31:32
3. Thomas Wagner    AUT 03:36:00
39. Evelyne Lachner  AUT 04:35:58  1L

108 finishers (8 nations)

Jonathan Wyatt beating the train!

* 9 seconds faster than last time (2011)

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