Thursday, 9 January 2014

Seekirchen New Year's Eve Race

I'm not really a pot hunter - but sometimes it just feels like it!

Seekirchen is not far from Salzburg. I went to Seekirchen on New Year's Eve for the 2013 Silvesterlauf, as it's called here. The main sponsor of the race was the local baker and in the free tombola I won a gigantic figure of 8 or pretzel shaped loaf of bread. 

In the race itself I was left flatfooted at the start and got myself tangled up with some Nordic Walkers who started their event at the same time and in the same place. I finally finished 8th of the 11 runners in the over 60's class. And so I didn't win anything. There was no separate category for the over 65 runners. 

The two lap flat course, with a couple slight undulations, began in the town square and followed the road leading in the direction of the nearby lake of Wallersee. There was a distant glimpse of the lake and then a quick left and left again near the railway station to follow another road back into the town and begin the second lap. 

The organizers had diligently salted and gritted the icy roads to enable the race to proceed. In the bright sunshine there were no major problems but on short stretches of road in the shadows and on some corners one had obviously to take care. We were told to expect some ice here and there as it was after all the Austrian winter. That said, there was no snow anywhere about to be seen. 

The result here: 

Seekirchen Silvesterlauf
31st December 2013 / 5.8kms

1 - L Hollaus (Zell-am-See) AUT - 17m:44s
122 - H Moosleitenr (Mitterfelden) 1M60 GER - 23m:40s
414 - G Williams (Clayton H) 8M60 GBR - 30m13s

620 finishers

A suggestion for next year would be to start the Nordic Walking event 5 minutes after the runners. By the time I'd scuttled safely through their swinging poles and got to the start line a lot of runners were already out of sight . . .

Nevertheless a great way to end the year!

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