Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The Vienna Cricket Races

I believe I ran the first 9.35km Vienna Cricket cross-country race of 2014 in 51 minutes something. This time is 4 minutes slower than my time of 47 minutes something a couple of years ago. My friend Helmut consoled me by sending a video of the Earth spinning. 4 minutes is nothing, I concluded. In the event I won a bar of Milka chocolate for being 2nd finisher in the Over 60's. The fact that there were  only two finishers in the Over 60's category is neither here nor there.

Here is the result of my race:

Vienna Cricket Club XC-Races 12th Jan 2014
9,350 mtrs race (10 laps)

01 - M Sostaric 31:31
25 - J Kallina    43:34  1L
28 - J Kapp       49:31  1M60
29 - G Williams 51:37  2M60

30 ran (1dnf)

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