Sunday, 23 February 2014

42nd Winter Series Vienna Cricket & Football Club Cross Country

The KTM drone watches over the athletes

Race officials in front of the football stadium 

Club celebrates 120 years in 2014 

 From l. to r. Williams, Plank and Kapp

centre: Lemawork Ketema (new record for 9.35kms)

Below are some details from this morning's 9.35 kms cross country race, the 4th and final race of the 42nd winter series, held at the Vienna Cricket and Football Club. The day was bright and blustery.

I opted for warm tracksters but after only 3 of the 10 laps I regretted the choice. I was too warm!

After the race I checked the  thermometer on the clubhouse wall, It  showed 18C.  And that was in the shade!

There were just 3 runners in the male over 60's category. And as I was the eldest by a long chalk I expected to finish 3rd. I was not to be disappointed.

Ethiopian runner Lemawaork Ketema broke the track record. But he was not only star on show.

Dorothea Grolig, 15 seconds behind me, was in former times an Austrian International and Olympic athlete in race walking events and is listed 8th in the 2012 World Rankings for her age category over the 20 kms distance.

1 - L Ketema (Ethiopia) 29:26 (CR)
2- A Sungi (UAB Athletics) M40 32:04
3- M Bock (ASKÖ Breitenau) 32:06
14- N Plank (NCB Tri-Team) 1M60 40:56
20- J Kapp (Vienna Cricket) 2M60 49:08
21- G Williams (Clayton H) 3M60 52:40
22- D Grolig (o.V.) 1F60 52:55

23 ran (incl. 3 ladies)

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