Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The year ahead beckons

Training routes and training plans, to my way of thinking, need to be flexible.

When runners, especially the elderly, set off on their training runs they don't know, they cannot predict, how they are going to feel after half an hour, or an hour, or two hours. There are simply too many variables.

And so, being on the wrong side of 65, I tend to choose routes with flexibility built in. Somedays I might want to go harder and/or for longer. Other days I might need to cut the run short. Sometimes I'll have a full rucksack. Other times I'll carry only my tram ticket. That's to get back from wherever I end up.

On the map below, the red line is a 10 kms recommended route. The yellow lines are roads. The white lines are generally forest paths rather than broad tracks.

Hermannskogel is one of my favourite areas for training due to the undulating nature of the course, the variety of underfoot terrain and the absence of traffic.

I can easily pass a couple hours in these woods in the blink of an eyelid as it seems.

The red track is the usual option - the white paths are good too!

Watch for mountain bikers - check over the shoulder! 

The main trails are well signed

Streamlined cap - a breezy section!

Several paths to the summit - this one the steepest

Summit and the highest building in Vienna 

An apple juice spritzer here to keep me going 

In the Vienna Woods, of which this is only a tiny part, there are 9,000 kms of runnable trails and 5,000 kms of mountain bike routes. We who live in the area are most fortunate.

Sometimes on a run I see more squirrels than people. And I can always stop at a woodland hostelry, and often do, for a bowl of soup or a mug of coffee, and then I run on like a man with new legs.

The year ahead beckons. I will soon be in these woods again!


Rachel said...

Hi Gwil, what happened on your other blog? And your comments box has the encrypted words to prove we are not robots so what was the spam you were getting? I am missing your posts. Rachel

Gwil W said...

Hi Rachel. I'm being very cautious because I have had a lot of oriental nonsense from you can guess where arriving in my email box via my blog and my computer did a couple of strange things. This happens from time to time.

Anonymous said...

The building at the summit is just beautiful. I couldn't find ID through searches. Doesn't seem to be part of Leopold church. If it's as old as it looks who in the world thought it was a good idea to defile it with communications equipment?? They could've built a modern monstrosity for that purpose. Maybe Austrians are more traditional and actually built that beautiful edifice for communication equipment? Not likely but trying to understand how such beautiful gem in forest would be defiled in that manner.

The woods invite one in to its natural secrets.

Your feats are more than impressive.

Gwil W said...

Thank you Anonymous. The building is the Habsburg Warte on the Hermanns Kogel so it's quite old. It was erected to mark the highest point within the boundary of Vienna. A pity about the addition of all that modern ironmongery.