Sunday, 9 March 2014

Reasons to Run Part 108

Ron Hill . . . 

. . . in Accrington Market Hall 

The seeds of marathon runner Ron Hill's long and illustrious career were sown at a young age when he discovered the tales of that fictional tough of the track Alf Tupper. 

Ron is a member of Clayton-le-Moors Harriers; and I am too as you can see from my running vest in the photo below:

Like Ron I read those athletic tales of mud, rain and meat pies, and was always pleased and delighted when Alf confronted and overcame an obstacle, normally a bully or a cheat or some other unpleasant character placed in his path and went on to win his race. 

Those Tupper tales were all about fair play and being a good sport. Good enough reasons to take up running and to keep on running in my book. Maybe that's why I still do it now, even if my aging body protests shamefully by offering up its various niggles and other 'get out' protocols for my mind's consideration.   

Waiting impatiently for the latest slightly sprained ankle to fully heal I'm jogging my way through Running with the Pack (ISBN 978-1-84708--263-3) by runner/philosopher Mark Rowlands. It's published by Granta Books.  

The back cover blurb contains the quote: From his childhood in rural Wales to runs along the French beaches and up Irish mountains with his beloved wolf Brenin, Rowlands illuminates the joys of running and argues that it may be as good for the mind as it is for the body. 

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