Sunday, 29 June 2014

Testing time

Today I went to the 14th running of the Ruppersthaler Weintraubenlauf.

My friend Lema was running in a two lap 10 km race. I entered the 5 km race which was obviously one lap. I wanted to test my recent injury.

The course was 50% trail and 50% road. As it was I had a trouble free run. It seems I've made a good recovery. But you can never tell. That's me in the top picture.

Lema is in the bottom picture taken near the same spot. You can't see him? Well, I'm not surprised. He ran so fast that he set a new course record and finished more than 6 minutes in front of the second runner.

Yes, Lema is that good.

Here are the results:

5km Trail/Road Race

1. C Teubel (LC Mank) 17:33
51. L Lehr (Langenlois) (1M60) 24:11
72. G Williams (Clayton H) (2M60) 26:00

229 finishers

10km Trail/Road Race

1. L Ketema ( 31:07 (NCR)

228 finishers

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

2nd Dachstein-Krippenstein Mountain Race

The Spirale finish line in the clouds

The event t-shirt 

On Saturday 21st June 2014 I took part in the race organized by the Extreme Sports Section at Dachstein. According to Berglauf Journal the trail we tackled was 8.8 kms in length with a height gain of 1670 meters. This is slightly longer than the organizer's official distance and climb but as we set off in a downhill direction it is probably more accurate.

In any event such a challenging course up the side of a mountain through woods, rocks and snowfields is not easy to measure whatever means is employed. The track can vary from year to year dependent on weather and other factors. On Saturday the weather was cloudy and breezy with a temperature of 2-3C at the finish by the Spirale. 

I was pleased with my 2nd place in the M60 category although there were only two of us in this category, not least because I happened to be 6 years older than my opponent  and also the oldest runner in the field by a long chalk as the saying goes.


1. Chris Hoffmann 1:10:09
26. Magdalena Merl (IF) 1:30:02
87. Erich Leitner (1M60) 2:03:24
96. Gwilym Williams (2M60) 2:15:06

101 Finishers
     1 DNF

I have a slight thigh injury picked up I don't know where a day or two before the above race, so will now rest the affected part as much as possible for a couple of weeks.

Monday, 16 June 2014

The Tonion


Last week I went for a walk on Tonion. It's known locally as the "quiet mountain". From the car park most walkers make for the Veitsch. The walk was 20 kms to the top and back and took 6 hours, which included an hour spent on the summit. The weather remained fine, apart from a short shower of hail and rain.

Distant view of the Veitsch

Tonion is famous for its spring flowers

My two companions on top of the world

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Cader Idris and Short Duddon

The start and finish line at Dolgellau

On my holidays recently I managed to squeeze in a couple of fell races and see a few friends along the way. It was all very enjoyable. Even the fickle Welsh and Lake District weather played its part.

Pre-race kit check at Dolgellau 

Cader Idris (Ras y Gader) 16.9km with 915mtrs hd +/-
Dolgellau, May 17th 2014

1. F Jones (Aberystwyth) 1:25:52
12. J Lee (Eryri) 1F 1:37:32
76. A French (Wrexham) 1M60 1:59:16
186. G Williams (Clayton H) M60 2:29:23

213 finishers

Scenic start at Seathwaite

Duddon (Short) Fell Race 15.3km with 915 mtrs hd +/-
Seathwaite May 31st 2014

1. T Higginbottom (Clwydian) 1:31:22
10. D Atkins (Chorley) 1F 1:51:34
15. G Meneaud (Ambleside) 1M60 1:57:54
17. J Sharples (Clayton H) M50 1:59:31
30. G Williams (Clayton H) 2:36:38

35 finishers

Discussing route choices . . . I think it was!

4 of Clayton's finest on tour 

Monday, 9 June 2014

Phew what a Pfandler Scorcher!

Under a blitzblau sky the temperature in the shade was over 32 C yesterday afternoon when we lined up for the Iso-Radler Pfandler Dammlauf, and to me it felt even hotter, perhaps 36 C like in Innsbruck! Or maybe it was simply the heat from the roadside chicken grill that was affecting to me. I'd have a portion later, and a cool beer to go with it.

I had slight hopes of making the podium in the M65 category, but it turned out there wasn't an M65 category, and so I concocted my own.

The route of the 25th Dammlauf didn't run over the dam on the Ischler because of construction work in progress, but it will do next year. Not sure of the actual distance of the temporary route but they said it was slightly longer than the normal route and a little hillier. Just short 8kms or approximately 5 miles then.

Fortunately residents along the second part of the route where it was hottest sprayed us with garden sprinklers as we ran by. I ran with a wet towel over my head.

Two recent results from the UK will appear in due course. Meanwhile here's the latest effort in Austria.

9th June 2014 Pfandler Dammlauf

1. R Gruber (Salomon Running Team) 23:21
40. K Reiter (ProLife Fitness & Health) F 33.09
47. K Weber (Mondsee) 1 M65 34:43
66. F Lettner (St. Wolfgang) 2 M65 37:16
105. G Williams (Clayton H) 3 M65 42:56

130 Survivors