Friday, 2 January 2015

New Year Resolution

I definitely can't run as fast as these young men but fortunately I can still run a fair race or two in the mature runner  group I call the survivors; the old sloggers the wrong side of 65.

Two days ago, witnessing the Silvesterlauf spectacle as an interested spectator at Austria's Peuerbach on New Year's Eve I reflected that Spring is on the way, and if I'm going to perform with my usual moderate success in 2015 I'd better get on with my pre-season training.

I've lingered on the sidelines long enough, three months it is, excusing myself and my aches and pains.
Now it begins!

Update: New Year's Resolutions are sometimes made to be broken. The aches and pains are winning. I'm doing a little jogging, a few exercises and some walking. It's going to be a recovery year I feel. Perhaps a year without races. But that's OK. The body sets its own agenda. I think it's best not to fight it.

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sackerson said...

Just catching up! My blogging has been on and off of late.

Re injuries. It takes time, doesn't it? I might have told you, I had a corker a few years ago - an eye-watering stabbing pain close to my groin which left me hobbling and stopped me running for at least a year. I've done a little light racing the last couple of years. I'm still dimly aware of the injury site now and again but I'm now pretty much back to normal! How did I do it in the first place? I was too tough on myself. I had told myself I should stop slacking, train harder, run faster and further. I learned to listen to my body and my intuition the hard way. I am enjoying myself again.