Thursday, 12 March 2015

New t-shirt

basically suspicious

The sight of an old guy, perhaps getting on 70, running through the streets and fields for fun is not as rare as it used to be. 

The t-shirts are made by prisoners. There are several designs. Part of the proceeds from sales goes towards prisoners' pocket money and a part goes into a fund for victims.

I bought my t-shirt at the Karikatur Museum in Krems. 

Training at the moment is still in the slow and steady phase. As one advances in years any running injury takes longer to heal than before.

It's not a good plan to risk unnecessary injury by  running fast in the cold wind that blows from the north at this time of year.

Spring's warmer weather will be here soon enough.

Those who see me running in my new t-shirt sometimes offer a sympathetic smile, as if to say: He's not all there, you know!

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